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  1. WTB Looking for Center Console Switch Unit

    Hello, I'm looking to purchase a center console switch unit with all buttons. Heated Seats, DSC, Harmon Kardon, TPMS, Privacy Shade, Sport (this button is optional). Let me know please.
  2. WTB HVAC Unit

    Looking for a HVAC unit for an e46. Please message if anybody has one for sale.
  3. [help] Aftermarket GPS Head Unit AS-E46 by A-sure(?). Any documentation?

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I just purchased my new to me '04 330i and its got a deck in it which looks great with the way the dash flows into the display however I've been extremely frustrated with it. I believe from the research online that its the following product...
  4. Professional CD Spec

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi all. I have a 2003 320d SE Touring with a Professional CD installed from new. Just wanted to know what the difference was with other BMW units? I have the standard 6-speaker set up,don't even know if I have an amp. I don't have the HK set up- that I do know. Any info would be good.