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  1. Forced Induction
    So we've been quietly working with Okada Projects on one of their new products for BMW's, the "Plasma Lift". What this unit does is it increases the amperage output of the power output of the ignition coils which results to an amplified spark. The Plasma Lift will be great for force inducted...
  2. Forced Induction
    I'm in the market for FI and while comparing kits here I read this about the TT: "The turbo should be idled down for at least a minute after seeing any levels of boost (to allow the oil to cool the turbo)..." [BimmerDude18] From what I gather, that this means the TT setup is oil-cooled and the...
  3. Forced Induction
    They really need to come out with some turbo kits for the 3 series :cry: like "nice" ones. AA, Dinan and so on... maybe if we ***** about it enough they'll make it. Or is there a good reason as to why its always superchargers for our cars?
  4. Forced Induction
    Has any one done this yet? Im about to or thinking about it. My friend has a 2003 Lancer Evo VIII and he ordered a larger turbo and he offered to give the old one to me, its a 16g Turbo just for your information. Just thought i would get some thoughts about it, he said that his friend could...
1-4 of 4 Results