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  1. RHD E46 No compromise Turbo Build

    The Showroom
    How are we all doing? Welcome to the e46 RHD turbo build. For too long has there been a blanket of information about turbocharging a RHD model of these cars, and if you did you always missed out on something. Often it is the AC, or you cant fit a full 3" dump. Some even going as far as to cut...
  2. No start after MAF HACK

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    Successfully got the DME into boot mode and upload the proper 512k file per the wiki and able to tune the calibration files just fine with ROMRAIDER. Trying to turn on the MAF hack using the community patch file in tuner pro and also in rom raider and load the 512k file back in using JM and boot...
  3. Turbo on M52b28tu tuned on MS42 using Audi maf hack scaling, lots of questions

    Forced Induction Forum
    I wasn't sure whether to post on long dead forums, start a new post on Romraider's forum, or some other facebook group but e46fanatics seems pretty active. I have lots of questions concerning the MS42 maf scaling tables on Romraider and Tuner pro which on both the community patchlist .xdf and...
  4. My 325ci and the journey towards a mighty ride

    The Showroom
    I got my 325ci in exchange for my Volvo V70. After I tuned my friends Nissan 200 with M50 I decided that it would be a bit more power in my car. Bought a m54b30 engine along with a 5 speed zf box. A cast manifold with T3 flange, two gst 450 fuel pumps, forged rods, dp pistons, flywheels...
  5. E46 Diesel, HELP this car go FASTER FASTER

    General E46 Forum
    My slow sled: 2000 E46 320D touring, 136 horsepower, 5 speed manual trans, 200,000 km. In the past two years the car has had lots of new parts installed but right now the issue is a lack of power. It should have 136HP but feels like 46HP. I replaced the turbo a year ago and the car has been...
  6. BMW E46 220D 2004 model Turbo Power Loss

    General E46 Forum
    Hello forum members I have BMW E46 220D 2004 model and when I fast accelerate I loose Turbo and EML light goes on. If I instantly switch off and on the engine while driving, EML light goes off and turbo recovers. If I slow accelerate there is no problem. Problem is only with fast acceleration...
  7. 2000 320d - is it the turbo?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi guys, I'm new here. :hi: I have a nagging problem with the acceleration on my 2000 E46 320d (136hp). The problem being... there is almost no acceleration. In short, no acceleration before 2000 rpm, the car starts to go only from 2500rpm. No smoke whatsoever. 0-100 in 17s and at 170-180Km/h...
  8. Any BMW DEFI ADVANCE CR TURBO Gauge Meter + DEFI Fuel Pressure Gauge

    Engine & Performance
    Condition: NEW in box (both) Price: $415 Shipped w/ Tracking (Pair) Location: Pickup Chicago NEW in box - DEFI ADVANCE CR FUEL PRESSURE METER (0KPA TO 600KPA) 60MM WHITE DF09001 NEW in box - Defi-Link ADVANCE CR Turbo Gauge 60; 200kpa (DF08601, DF08602)
  9. 184 330D Weird Noise

    General E46 Forum
    Hi Everyone, I have an weird problem with my 330D. If give the car more than 50 odd % throttle below 2000 rpm you get this weird screeching or almost what sounds like to me stalling sound. If however you ease into the RPM and get above 2K its absolutely fine you have full power. I suspect that...
  10. Lowering compression for turbo

    Forced Induction Forum
    Building a 325i track car, already had ever known service consideration done (vanos rebuild, cooling system rebuild etc.) mods already include coilovers, single mass stage 1 clutch and flywheel, front and rear sway bars. My question being ive already sourced all the parts ill need to put in a...
  11. M54B30 ZHP Turbo'd or 2JZGTE Swap?

    General E46 Forum
    Fellas, I've been debating on the future of my 330i whether I should build the M54B30 ZHP engine or do a 2JZGTE swap. I'm looking to achieve 3-400 HP reliably. The car is more for daily commute but I want it to be able to go to the track here and there so my wife and I could have some fun. My...
  12. CLOSED: BMW 135i twin turbo

    Hi all Apologies if this is not the appropriate place to list this. I thought I would post here in case any members have the boost bug and would like to move from an NA E46 M3 to a forced induction car. My 135i is for sale and I would love for it to go to an enthusiast who will care for it...
  13. BMW 320ci turbo kit

    General E46 Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm new here. Literally signed up less then an hour ago! I currently drive a 2000 BMW 320Ci. Coming from a 2002 VW Bora 1.9TDi PD130 remapped, I feel like the 320 is lacking in low end grunt and really only gets going once screaming in high revs opposed to my (automatic slush box)...
  14. E46 Coupe Maximum PSI Turbo Kit, Stage 1 Kit, NEW, $8,000.00

    Engine & Performance
    Hello, I have a Stage 1 Maximum PSI Kit for Sale. :hi: This is for a Catted SMG, E46 M3. Kit is brand new(Items still in original box from Maximum PSI.) Note: Only items I have used are, Drill Bit, Tap, and NPT to Jic adapter fitting for Engine Oil Pan. Please PM me, and I can send pictures...
  15. E46 M3 E46 M3 VF 570 Supercharger Kit Complete SoCal $5999obo

    Engine & Performance
    Retails for over $9k Asking $5990.00 VF 570 supercharger kit off my E46 M3 kit is in perfect condition with fresh oil in the supercharger as of sunday when i removed it. Kit includes the upgraded injectors and I will also throw in a set of brand new spark plugs as well. Kit is complete for...
  16. Any E46 e46 (non M3) VF Supercharger Kit for Sale

    Engine & Performance
  17. WTB E46 turbo

    Complete Cars - Private
    Hi... New here. I've joined because I'm looking to buy a boosted e46... anyone got any supercharged or turbo e46 cars and are based in the UK? Thanks
  18. Wtb e46 turbo kit

    Engine & Performance
    Looking for a used kit hpf/maxpsi
  19. Making a triple gauge pillar (Warning: Lots of pics!)

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hi, I really want to install oil pressure, oil temp, and coolant temp guages in my car. After searching through different options for mounting guages, I stumbled upon a few I liked. 1. The steering column mounted guages PROS: within driver's prereferral vision, seems like it works for many...
  20. E46 m3 - Gettin a Turbo! (Youtube Videos of install process coming Soon)

    Video & Internet Clips
    My friend is putting his car down for the winter while he installs a custom turbo setup on his E46 m3 Heres a video i made of his car and we plan to record the process of him installing the turbo, feel free to sub to his channel and see those videos that should get uploaded this winter. Thank...