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trunk lip

  1. E46 Convertible
    So I bought a sedan trunk lip for my convertible guess we all know that this ain't gonna fit so any suggestions... the seller ain't responding to me either kinda don't wanna have this laying around my house it's pointless.
  2. Exterior
    Just found this earlier today. I guess I never listed it for sale or something :facepalm:. At least I couldn't find a thread for it. I don't have a sedan and I have a CSL trunk now so it's useless. Anyways, this is painted in Jet Black. It's in great condition. It was originally installed on a...
  3. Exterior
    Anyone know of a good price/ good looking trunk lip for sedan? Can come painted or unpainted... let me know thanks!
  4. Exterior
    Ebay roof spoiler and Trunk lip both are primed black ready to be painted, The lip was attempted to put on so the adhesive tape may need to be redone, but the roof spoiler was opened and observed, never put on(has not adhesive)...both were bought for a coupe, but im 99% sure the lip can work on...