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  1. Looking for a small pickup with topper

    Im looking for a small pickup(like a ranger) thats in good condition with a topper for my dad's can be from '97+
  2. 22" American Racing Motto Mt100 wheels and Yokohoma 305/40/22 Tires

    Wheels and Tires
    now nobody laugh. So we sold our tahoe and my dad wanted a truck. i found a silverado that a guy sold to us rock bottom deal. My dad is very happy i found him this truck. Now it came with 22"s that the previous owner put on. :pimpin: for the price i bought the truck they were basically free...
  3. FS: Stock Coupe bumper and side skirts

    Like the title says I have a stock 325 coupe bumper and side skirts for sale. Great condition, with Topaz Reflector inserts. Willing to let go both for 200 plus shipping. ALso have a stock Topaz Blue trunk. 200 plus shipping. Thanks Pics on request so don't put the "thread worthless without...