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  1. WTT: My alcantara wheel for your M leather wheel.

    Not really a big fan of the alcantara. I drove an M3 yesterday with a leather wheel and liked that a lot better. Anyone interested in trading? Not looking for any cash on top, just a trade. Mine is actually in pretty good condition, just needs to be cleaned up a little. Not worn though. I'll try...
  2. FS: (2) ///M3 Tri-Stitch Steering Wheels + (1) TRIM Set + (1) AIRBAG

    First ///M Tri-Stitch Steering Wheel - Fantastic condition SOLD - The airbag release / access holes on the back are kinda torn - There's a scratch on the back by one of the access holes - This thing is almost mint - and none of the leather is worn at all. Edit, adding additional items and info...
  3. FS: M3 ZHP M-tech Steering Wheel Tri-stitch, cheap

    Hi all, M3 tri stitch leather steering wheel with titanium trim........dont be fooled by the titanium trim condition, i swapped the original black one with the titanium, this wheel is good (not great not mint) condition. Asking $280 shipped and paypal is already included! Only thing is there...
  4. New Mod Tri-Color Stitch M3 Wheel

    The Showroom
    My latest mod is the Tri-stitch M3 steering wheel that I've been wanting for the longest time! Finally got one! One of my favorite mods yet... Like driving a new car again... :excited: Also, I am selling the original wheel and wood trim separately. Will be listing both in the classifieds...