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  1. E46 Transmission Help

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    I have a E46 320i 2004 auto (94,500km OR 58719miles) and for the most part it's been well with me lol :tsk: After it been parked up 3 months I have come back to it and it's a pain to drive. When coming to a stop, the revs drop down to 750 and the car vibrates (not the sort to cut out) and...
  2. Steptronic failure???!!!

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    Everything was fine earlier. I got home shifted into park and noticed it was much heavier, then that my key wouldn't release from the ignition no matter how much I tried pushing it further into park. I looked under the plate and nothing is unplugged. Is it going out? I wanted a manual...
  3. E46 328 BMW M52 Engine 91k, trans also aval.

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    end of sale
  4. E46 GM5L40E Transmission

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    I have a 99 328i Auto....Does anyone know if the e39 transmission will work in the e46?? Does all of the GM5L40E trannys bolt up??? Or do i have to get one from an identical 328i?