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trans fluid
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    Hey guys, I know this question has been asked a lot but I still can't find an answer. My car is a 2005 325Ci with around 180k miles and I have no idea wether the transmission and diff fluids have ever been replaced before. It drives great. I heard that the risk is lower with replacing the diff...
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    Hello all. I just recently got codes for a speed sensor and a shift malfunction. The car safefailed in third and today I dropped the pan. The fluid was dark but not black. Just a dark brown. The filter has seen better days, too. No debris floating around in the trans fluid. The car has also...
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    Ayy guys i was trying to add trans fluid and removed the fill plug to the transmission to stick the hose in , to transfer new fluid and when I went to start the vehicle it wouldn’t start and the eml light is on .i was told to disconnect the battery for a bit I also heard to disconnected the...
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    Hey guys so i was up under the car looking for what kind of transmission i have to do trans fluid flush w/filter and i found this.https://youtu.be/1fn4xRlu3RY Any ideas , it was sprinkling very lightly but i doing think it can do this.
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    So I recently purchased a 1999 BMW 323i. It has about 114k miles on it. It doesn't seem like the previous owner/owners did much maintenance on it. I got it for $2300 so i expected a bit of work. I have changed the Camshaft Pos. Sensor and I'm aware of a few other things needing replacement. RR...
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    I found out what was causing part of my vibration problem on my 01 330xi. I decided to change my trans fluid as the car has 100k on it and it hasn't been changed. (BMW claims its a life time fluid :lmao:) so I drained the fluid, and of course as I expected it was ridiculously dark, luckily no...
1-6 of 6 Results