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    Just removed the Transmission on my automatic 2001 bmw 330i and removed the flywheel and I do not know what this Blue plastic piece is? I have looked at OEM part diagrams and can’t find it, mine seems to be slightly cracked when I removed the trans should I be concerned? photo attached:
  2. E46 325i Auto to Getrag 250 Manual Swap

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    So, I’m doing a transmission swap and I understand that there is a lot of information about people doing already. I’ve done two months worth of research and I couldn’t find the answers I need. I have mechanical experience so I have no problem with the work I just don’t want to spend $1500 plus...
  3. Bmw 323i 2000 looking to swap my engine and transmission

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2000 323i bmw with the stock engine it comes with ( 153k miles on it) and I def want to make my car way more powerful and faster. I had the idea to put a m3 engine in it but i seen on lots of forums there’s other engines that I can throw in that would be 10x better and easier. I also...
  4. limp mode goes away, drives fine, then comes back?

    General E46 Forum
    I have a strange issue with my automatic transmission on my 2005 325i. It went into limp mode the other day, and I sort of realized a super short and strange 2nd to third gear shift. (giving it some gas merging onto highway) After getting home I scanned it, popped code P0732, Improper 2nd gear...
  5. Leak by transmission

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys i have an 2002 325ci issue. While i was driving down the highway at about 60mph i saw in my rearview mirror a stream of whit smoke. so naturally i checked my engine temp and all seem fine. so i decided to pull over and when i tried to accelerate nothing would happen, it had a hard...
  6. 330ci convertible auto to manual swap questions.

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hi, i decided to sign up and post this thread because i could not find the answers to my questions anywhere. I currently have a 2003 320i 5 spd manual. I've found a good deal on a 330ci convertible however it is an automatic. I've done my research on the threads and basically know how to it. As...
  7. Am i being lied to???

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    Ok so simple question. ( I think ) My friend claims he knows EVERYTHING about BMW's. As he once owned a 330 ZHP. Anyway, im a 17 year old student saving up for a 330ci. He tells me not to get a e46 because the Trannys suck. He told me the automatic tranny wont last past 120,000 miles... Is...
  8. 1999 bmw 328i 5 speed problems?

    General E46 Forum
    hello everyone, I'm having problems with my BMW when I bought it and was accelerating I would get this weird shake from my armrest and thought nothing of it maybe a bad universal joint on the drive shaft and 2 weeks ago I had to be around the Sacramento area and getting on and off of freeway...
  9. READ ME: difference between 323ci engine and 328ci

    General E46 Forum
    hey whats up so i just picked up a 2000 bmw 323ci and i plan on doing alot of work to it i need to understand the difference between the 323ci motor and the 328ci i wanna go turbo but i dont know what engine has better compression ratio i know the lower compression on vdubs the more boost you...
  10. Tranny questions

    General E46 Forum
    Gentlemen.....I have read over many posts on here but this is my first. My son has the zf 5hp-19 in his 323ci 2000. It has very little reverse. It does back up but with any gas the rpm s go up. I can't get under the little Beamer and do not have the smarts to take it out. I believe it is the D...
  11. FS: ZF Auto Tranny LOW MILES from 2003 330 AND driveshaft! BAY AREA

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    For sale is my 5 speed automatic ZF transmission and driveshaft both with only 74K miles on them. Pulled from the car in perfect working condition. asking $500 OBO for tranny and $175 OBO for auto driveshaft. make me offers! :thumbsup:
  12. E46 328 1999 328i Sedan e46 Silver Exterior

    Parting Out
    end of sale
  13. 6 speed or 5

    General E46 Forum
    So i wanna kno if I should go for the swap my cruising rpm on the highway now is 3 to 4k?
  14. Serious Gears Problem

    General E46 Forum
    Ok the other night Friday to be precise was just about to reverse into a spot to park the car when I heard I snap and the gear stick went limp and was wafting about all over the place. Car was stuck in 1st gear at this point, and when moved you could hear a rattle. Finally got it to a garage...