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  1. ABS and Traction Control lights on always

    General E46 Forum
    Hey everyone, I have a 99 328i that’s throwing abs/traction lights at all times. Problem started intermittently and then turned into them being on as soon as i start the car every time. I put aftermarket wheel speed sensors in which just caused the brake light to come on as well, decided to...
  2. E46 Steering Angle Sensor implausible

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Just bought a 54 plate 330d touring as the sensible car (my wife is 7months pregnant and I drive an ///M Roadster). When I got it the DSC and handbrake lights were both lit up yellow (when the handbrake was off). Doing some diagnostics I got "Steering angle sensor implausible" and started...
  3. Dsc wont turn on!

    General E46 Forum
    I just got my car back from the shop. I had the control arms, tie rods, a brake sensor, and a shock replaced. When I got it back, the DSC light was lit (traction turned off) and the button would not work to turn the traction control back on. Also, the e-brake warning light was lit yellow and the...
  4. was in an accident

    General E46 Forum
    ok so heres the deal. I was turning left from a stop to go to the other side of a median and my 99 323i started to hydroplane, i tried to turn left to get into the left lane. i turned too much and my car did a 180 smashing the left rear wheel into the curb, making my wheel tilt to about a 60...
  5. 99 328i ABS/Traction Control Problems

    General E46 Forum
    Well I bought my car in February of this year and it was great, when i bought it it had 105,000mi on it and it was clean!!!, you knew that this guy had great respect for the car. He also said that he always took it to a certified BMW Dealership to perform repairs. Now with all of the background...