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  1. Motorsports, Track
    Hi! We’re “The Krew Racing” and we bought a 330xi to fully convert into a budget trackday car. We already stripped the interior so we could reduce some weight. Here are some pictures of the car when we bought it.
  2. Motorsports, Track
    Hi everyone, I've just bought a 2000 e46 330ci with the aim to turn it into a track car but with a budget in mind so I'm not going crazy. My idea is to strip weight, buckets seats/harness, upgrade brakes, add some decent coilovers at some point and then things like decent tyres. The other idea...
  3. Motorsports, Track
    I wanna see some pics of our cars doing there thing... I couldnt get any pic of the car on the track that day cuz all of us were on the track at the same time... Im hoping to do another soon though... Anyway, lets see some more!
1-3 of 3 Results