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  1. FS: Voltex GT Wing, Vorsteiner dual inlet bumper with Race splitter/undertray

    I'm selling my complete front end aero setup with the bumper. I'm selling b/c I'm going with a more aggressive aero setup for next year. This setup got our car a 1st place win at Super Lap Battle. (link below) Complete front setup - $2400...
  2. Borbet 17" type E, and other stuff

    Wheels and Tires
    My baby hit a tree. Must sell the extra stuff: 4 German Borbet type E 17X8 rims for $350, Model E80735 (sells new $185 ea.). 120mm 5 bolt pattern (fits many BMWs but confirm first). You can see pictures of these in BMW forums. They look fantastic! I purchased the wheels from BMW club member...