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toyo t1r

  1. Lug/Stud conversion

    The Showroom
    I did a lug/stud conversion a month or so ago. Figured I would post up a few quick snaps of them. The lugs are Project Kics R26 Race composites and we went with BBS studs. HUGE thanks to my sponsor Wheel STO (Julius and Johan) for the lugs/studs. Sorry some of the pics are blurry, I didn't...
  2. AW '04 330Ci ZHP w/ Linea Corse Strasse

    The Showroom
    Well I finally got around to uploading pics with the new wheels (Linea Corse Strasse wrapped with Toyo T1R's). I'm pretty much in love with the rear lip. Unfortunately there is a little rubbing in the back so I will be having to roll the fenders at some point. Big thanks to Zoeb at!