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  1. DIY: Do It Yourself
    My tailgate has never worked since I bought this car, the button on the handle is not pressable, and it is like pressing on a hard surface. The glass window would not open either with the button, but it can be opened with the keyfob, so I thought that it would be worth a shot to recode the GM5...
  2. Australia
    Hey guys, How do I install angel eyes on my 2004 facelift E46 touring as parking lights. From what I've read, parkers are slightly different to the way everything is set up in the US. if I can't get them in as parkers, is there a way to install them with an on/off button next to my DSC button? I...
  3. Australia
    hi, Does anyone know where I can get my hands on an m sport body kit for my 320i. I have an Australian right hand drive 320i touring that I would like to put the nicer body kit on and I'm wondering if any companies make them or if anyone in Australia is willing to sell me one. thanks, Liam
  4. E46 Touring
    i just bought a 325xiT and it needs new tail lights to pass a break and lamp inspection. Are the touring tails the same as the sedans ?
  5. E46 Touring
    Hey guys , touring lover from Ireland 👋🏼 I’m after the impossible for my touring build, full natural brown interior (fronts ,rears,doorcards) Anyone able to help? Appreciate any help at all
  6. E46 Touring
    Hey guys so I just joined the e46 crew with my 325 touring. The car has lots of history and everything that’s needed doing has been done, cooling system, vanos rebuild and disa valve upgrade etc, drove it home for 2 hours it purred fine, next day took it to bmw to book a recall on it which is 5...
  7. E46 General
    Hi all. i am hoping to pick your brains if I may. i have the dreaded coolant light coming on in my 2004 E46 318i n42 touring. i have replaced the radiator, upper hose, lower hose, expansion tank, auto gearbox thermostat, coolant level sensor, thermostat hose and have used the correct bmw coolant...
  8. E46 Touring
    Hello, I have read all the threads I could find about sunroof drains , but I cannot seem to find the lower end of them on my 2001 325Xi Touring. I took the inner fender well off and there is just nothing there, no sunroof drains and no engine compartment drains. On the drivers side when I pour...
1-9 of 9 Results