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    http://jalopnik.com/richard-hammond-explains-why-the-e46-bmw-3-series-is-pe-510346347 I am guessing that many, if not most, of my fellow forum members have seen this. But just in case, here is a post from Jalopnik in which Mr. Hammond extoles the virtues of the E46 for all.
  2. E46 General
    So Forza Horizon's new car pack is now out and it is a top gear pack. For those who play/played the game we've all been waiting for Horizon to have an e46. Now it's here and it's a free download. :thumbup:
  3. UK
    http://www.mphshow.co.uk/ anyone thinking of going this year (november)? there's earls court, london or nec, in brum. i've never been to this one before but i reckon i'll give london a shot this time.
1-3 of 3 Results