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  1. Spare tire/wheel 2002 330i

    General E46 Forum
    My 330I of 2002 vintage has a full size rim and never used spare. I currently have two tires that need replacing and was wondering if I could find another exact tire I would be just swap the spare with one of my used one. Problem is, the spare is no longer available in USA. So I would be...
  2. 2 x Tires (SOLD)

    Wheels and Tires
    Sold thanks
  3. BMW Style 360’s w/New Bridgestone Driveguard RFTs & New TPMS Sensors - JUST balanced!

    Wheels and Tires
    BMW Style 360’s w/New Bridgestone Driveguard RFTs & New TPMS Sensors - JUST balanced! $300 +Shipping or local pickup in central VA 4 x BMW Style 360’s (16”) from a 2009 e90 - Straight, no dents or cracks - Normal wear, slight rash here and there 4 x BRAND NEW, never used TPMS Sensors -...
  4. FS: (4) Style 44 Wheels with Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Tires

    Wheels and Tires
    I'm selling a set of 17" 18x7 ET47 Style 44 Wheels that come with a fairly new set of 225/45/17 Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Tires mounted. I brought the tires December 2017 from Tirerack and my best estimate is that they have under 5k miles. I used them until about Easter of 2017 and I don't drive a...
  5. Tire size

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Question: does any ine know if I can put 225/45 R 17 tires on my rims that i have 205/50 ZR17? My father has a brand new pair from his 2011 330 XI and I want put them on my rims in my 325 xi sport wagon. He has offers to give them to me.
  6. Sold

    Wheels and Tires
    ***SOLD*** Selling two Continental ExtremeContact tires, both with just under 9/32nds tread life, which shows they're barely used. As these retail for $182.99 each on Tire Rack, I'm asking $175 or best offer for the pair.
  7. 330XI nail in tire, change all?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, Found a nail in my tire last night. LesSchwab says the nail is too close to the sidewall and it's not safe to use it fixed, OK. Do I really need to change all 4 tires on my XI? I'd have expected that just changing the two rear tires (since the nail is in the rear passenger side) would...
  8. Opinions Wanted: All-Season or Summers? Wheel/Tire Sizes and Fitment

    General E46 Forum
    Tried posting this in wheels and tires but seeing as there hasn't been any responses I'm moving it here. The time is quickly coming for me to pick up some new tires for the M3. I'm trying to decide between all seasons or summers. The car is my daily that I take back and forth to college. Since...
  9. Opinions Wanted: All-Season or Summers?/Tire Sizes and Fitment

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    The time is quickly coming for me to pick up some new tires. I'm trying to decide between all seasons or summers. The car is my daily that I take back and forth to college. Since I drive through Flagstaff four times through winter, I'm worried about driveability in snow. Prescott also has the...
  10. Car pulls to right unless accelerating.

    General E46 Forum
    Hey everyone, Having this odd problem with my e46 M3 vert...Recently (last 2 weeks), I've been noticing that the car pulls slightly to the right, so as a result to keep the car straight the steering wheel has to be oriented about 5 degrees left. The odd thing is that, if I'm driving straight...
  11. M3 Staggered 19" Tire Recommendations - Street/Track

    ///M3 Forum
    So I know there are a ton of posts on the forums about tires and which ones are best, but I've been having a lot of difficulty finding the most popular suggestions in sizes that fit the stock 19" staggered wheel size. I can usually find the right size for either front or back, but not both...
  12. Free Rims !

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys sorry for the repeated topic but my friend has some Alzor 19x8 ET35 rims with no tires he doesnt not want. The center bore is 72.6 which is the same as stock i think. I was wondering if they will fit my 2006 325ci without any adjustments. No rubbing and grinding. Some people say no way...
  13. my 330xi wants to veer off the road when Im going 80 mph, suspension? tires? helo? !

    General E46 Forum
    hey everyone Im new here, my uncle told me this is a great place to troubleshoot and find some answers hopefully. I bought my bmw off a guy who said it was always garaged and gently driven on the highway. the car was driving funny and I couldnt figure out the problem so I took it to bmw , they...
  14. Need to replace tires

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Hi all, My mechanic said all the vibration in my car might come from my bad front tires, that are almost bald on the inside. So he said I should get new ones and an alignment. OK. So I went to LeSchwab. The lady told me with an XI (mine is a 2001 330xi) I need to do all 4 tires because they...
  15. Seeking Advice: Shop can't/won't check alignment specs

    General E46 Forum
    Not typical for me to post a thread over something like this, but I've run into an issue today while getting tires installed on my '02 330Ci. Went to a Firestone here in Tucson to get my new front Firehawk Indy 500's. Get back to the shop, manager tells me the tires are installed and the car is...
  16. Right tires on my wheels? How much PSI?

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Hi all, I have these tires on my 2001, 330xi (see pics). They are 215/45R17 91H (see pictures). First, I am wondering if these are OK on my car ( I bought it quite recently and get now more into making sure all is fine). Reason I got started with the tires is that I wanted to pump them up...
  17. 330i sitting up for a year, what should i expect out of it?

    General E46 Forum
    So right now I have had this 01 330i for about a year. It has 298k miles on it and it still pulls hard and drives exceptionally smooth (Ive only had one case of the tranny slipping from first to second). But i havent replaced the tires, spark plugs, or anything major on it. The only thing that...
  18. WTB 265/35/18 Tires

    Wheels and Tires
    I wanted to buy some used or new 265/35/18 tires to throw on some square 18 x 9's Let me know what you got Thanks.
  19. No longer needed

    Wheels and Tires
    No longer needed. I am looking for one used Bf goodrich G-force T/A kdw 225/40 rz18 with at least 50% tread left. I live in Berkeley Ca and have been searching the the internet for one but have had no luck. I am willing to buy 2 of them it you have a set and don't want to split them up...
  20. For Sale: Square 18" E46 M3 Track Wheel Set-up $250

    Wheels and Tires
    SOLD Selling a set of 4 stock rear 18" x 9 wheels 5x120 ET26. Three wheels have good Hoosier R1 275/35/18 tires, the fourth tire needs to be replaced. Just pick up a race take-off from Berger racing and you will be good to go. One wheel has a bend on the inner barrel that should be fixable...