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  1. Bad Vibration Right Front whenever going over 70mph

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2001 330xi and lately I've noticed that when ever I get over 70 mph I'm getting a really bad vibration on the front right of the vehicle. I had it up on the rack a couple of days ago and took some pictures and somebody told me they thought the "CV Axle boot is ripped on the front inner"...
  2. Seeking Advice: Shop can't/won't check alignment specs

    General E46 Forum
    Not typical for me to post a thread over something like this, but I've run into an issue today while getting tires installed on my '02 330Ci. Went to a Firestone here in Tucson to get my new front Firehawk Indy 500's. Get back to the shop, manager tells me the tires are installed and the car is...
  3. Tie rod advice?

    E46 Xi Forum
    While working under the car I noticed that the driver's side tie rod boot is torn open and has completely separated into two pieces. With 103k miles on the car, I think it's a good times to replace both tie rods and boots. I'm probably going with Meyle tie rods and Febi boots. Any advice for...
  4. Help diagnosing steering wheel play

    Suspension & Braking
    Ok guys, I am looking for some help diagnosing an issue I have on my car. I have a 2005 330i ZHP with 135k miles. While driving on the interstate, the steering wheel has a little bit of play in it, but the main problem is that the tires seem to catch or pull when going over any bumps or even a...
  5. Tie Rod Seized?

    Suspension & Braking
    After replacing my lower control arms I took my car to a shop to have my alignment done. I have a lifetime alignment at that shop and they have done it numerous times. The last being about two months, maybe 3000 miles, ago. Today they claim that the tie-rods are seized and I need new ones...
  6. Steering rack / rack and pinion

    General E46 Forum
    I just ordered new tie rod ends for LH RH and while i was under the car i wiggled the rack a little bit and there was shakiness to it. Where it is connetcted with to bolts and shakes just a little bit. And i have been having trouble with unbalanced wheels while driving in the highway and metal...
  7. Steering Rack Boot Alternatives

    General E46 Forum
    I really don't feel like spending $80/pair for the steering rack boot repair kits. I was thinking of using a set from an older BMW like the E36/Z3... main difference I see is that the E46 boot kit comes with a rubber grommet to allow the larger-opening boot to seal to the tie rod. On the E36 and...
  8. Rack shaft meeting intermediate coupling guibo on steering column

    Rack shaft meeting intermediate coupling guibo on steering column

    Rack shaft meeting intermediate coupling guibo on steering column - pinch bolt in photo accidentally on wrong side - later fixed
  9. Old Rack & Pinion 2002 325ci

    Old Rack & Pinion 2002 325ci

    Rack & Pinion prior to being replaced
  10. Outer Tie Rod Install

    Outer Tie Rod Install

    Outer Tie rod install
  11. Tie Rod Assembly

    General E46 Forum
    I do believe I may need new tie rods...or at least one on my passenger side. In looking at the information on tie rods, I've seen a lot of terminology that I was hoping ya'll could clear up for me. In looking at the picture that I stole from <a...
  12. Is my inner tie-rod bad?

    General E46 Forum
    Gentlemen, I have a bad lower control outer ball joint for the pirate ship creak and some play. I'm wondering if my tie rod assembly should be replaced while I'm doing the control arms, since both require an alignment (plus I think I have some play in the tie rod). Background: 2002...
  13. FS: OEM rims, CF centercaps, and more

    Sold my bmw so I have some left over parts that I want to get rid of. All prices are obo but be reasonable please. located in POMONA. PM me with any questions. Thanks First item are 4 brand new CF centercaps and 2 CF roundels for the hood and trunk from Never installed and still...
  14. Inner Tie Rod

    General E46 Forum
    Got some new tires put on a and a 4 wheel alignment at Town Fair. They said I need a driver side inner tie rod.. Any idea on price of the part, rough price to get fixed and how easy/ difficult it would be to do by myself? They were good and said once the tie rod gets fixed to bring it back...
  15. Minimum to remove front strut assembly

    Suspension & Braking
    I want to remove the front strut assembly on 2003 325i E46 M54. What is the minimum that I have to remove? I have read in Bently's to remove brake assembly, tie rod and one other link in order to get the strut out of the knuckle. But really how far do I have to go? What are the pros and cons say...