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  1. [FS]: Coronado Speed Fest Tickets

    Hey guys, so I am a genius and mixed up my dates for this event, and now I can't go. I am hoping someone is able to! I have 3 tickets that are for Saturday or Sunday and one ticket that is for Sunday Only Asking $12 each
  2. [VIC] FS: 3x USHER TIX Melb Friday 1st April GOLD RESERVED SEATS!

    Selling 3x USHER Tickets for his MELBOURNE concert on Friday 1st April 2011 @ 7:30pm - Rod Laver Arena All 3 tickets are seated side by side! FRONT-ON VIEW OF STAGE! GOLD RESERVED SEATS! Section 32 Upper Level - Row AA $160 each i want to sell them all together, but may sell...
  3. The dark irony of radar detectors?

    General E46 Forum
    I've considering the purchase of a radar detector (passport escort 9500ix), but was curious as to people's experience with getting ticketed for go-with-the-traffic speeding (like driving 55 in a 45 right along with everyone else). Basically wondering if simply having a radar detector ups your...
  4. Is the M3 a cop magnet?

    NY / NJ / CT
    i got pulled twice this year already and more to come. lol / let me know if color of the car make a different. my is imola red and loving it..