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  1. 325XI in Brooklyn Stripped Need Parts

    NY / NJ / CT
    I came out of a movie with my wife in Brooklyn, and some bastards had stripped my pretty cherry stock recently acquired 325 XI of some essentials that I need to replace ASAP. I'm looking for the following in order of priority since the car is street parked! Driver's Side Window Front Hood...
  2. It can happen to anyone: Buy an alarm

    General E46 Forum
    About three months ago or so, I installed an OEM alarm on my 328Ci. A couple of my friends were kidding around that I felt the need to, giving I live in such a safe area of Marin County. Crime doesn't get much lower than here. If anything, it's nice getting a beep confirmation on lock. Today (1...
  3. 2 E46's dead for 30 min?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, I've got a 2001 325i auto and a 2005 320d M Sport parked next to each other. Yesterday morning I went to get something out of the 325 but it wouldn't respond to the key remote, I tried the spare key and that didn't work either. I tried unlock/lock and boot release on both keys but the car...
  4. The stealership kept the change

    General E46 Forum
    Yesterday, I had my car in for scheduled service. When I dropped it off I remember thinking, "perhaps I should empty the change from beneath the armrest. Nah, they wouldn't resort to such blatant and petty theft!" This morning, I could only laugh when I noticed not a single quarter remained...