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    Hi. I just bought a 1999 bmw e46 320ci, and my temperature gauge is always sits in the middle even if the car is shut off. What could be the problem?
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    So this past weekend, my check engine light was on.... Before I could go take it to get codes read, it turned off. And yesterday it was about 80 degrees outside and the outside temp gauge read 120 degrees! But before that the outside temp read 55 degrees but it was definitely warmer than that...
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    im trying to find where the sensor is for the outside temp. reads temp under mileage im thinking the sensor is broke or messed up otherwise because my temp keeps randomly changes like goes from -40 to 140 and back and to other random temps doesnt really bother me not knowing the temp but that...
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    2000 328i - Hey gang, I had the strangest thing happen the other night. While driving home, my car started to overheat. It was about 50 degrees outside. I pulled over and because I just changed my thermostat, I had some coolant/water mix in the trunk. It had been driving fine for three...
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    Hello Fanatics, In my 2000 323i, everytime I turn the car on my climate control comes on. From what I've read here before, this is normal and can be tunred by the dealer. But my real issues isn't that cause i just always turn it off. What i want to know is that, Why does it put out hot air...
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    Hello everyone, My engine light came on a couple of weeks ago and I went down to autozone an they put the engine light machine on for me to see what it was. Their machine came out with troubleshooting code P1188 & P1189.. So I went on the net a did a search to see what that meant and I found...
1-6 of 6 Results