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  1. Coolant Temp Alarm using cheap ebay OBDii Gauge

    General E46 Forum
    We all know the E46 cooling system can be a bit fragile, and overheating from a failure can cause irreversible engine damage. We also know that the gauge in the instrument cluster is not a regular gauge, with the needle pointing unwaveringly to 12 o'clock for the entire 75-115C range. Beyond...
  2. Oil Temp/Pressure from obd?

    General E46 Forum
    Anyone know of a way to be able to get the oil temp and pressure to show up on an app like torque from the obd bluetooth connector? I looked on the forum and it seems the answer is a no but wanted to double check and see if anyone had any other ideas about this? any help would be greatly...
  3. 323Ci Fan Trouble

    General E46 Forum
    Hi guys, I have an 00 323Ci and when I got it it need ed the cooling system replaced. So I replaced it and the fan to. Sadly I think I went with an afterror market replacment. The problem I'm having is that it never turns on. Not when I turn ac on or when it gets hot. I checked the fuses today...
  4. BMW E46 Aftermarket Temp Gauge Install

    Hey guys im trying to install an aftermarket temperature gauge as i have been having a few cooling issues these past few days and want to keep a closer eye on the temperature. Im thinking of installing one of these, Replacing the bleeder screw with its sensor...
  5. e46 330xi temp gauge shows over heating but not

    E46 Xi Forum
    hey guys i have used the search button and still cant find someone with this same problem. just bought the car a week ago and am starting to find some little things that are wrong with it. this has only happened at freeway speed if that really matters but every once and awhile while driving...
  6. Bmw 316 temp rising at idle but dropping at high revs

    General E46 Forum
    Hi I hope someone can solve this mystery for me, the temp needle on my 2001 316I SE stay stays at bang in center when I'm driving at high revs but as soon as the cars idle when im in standstill traffic or im driving at very low speeds the temp starts rising and creeping towards the red, if i...
  7. Ambient Temperature Sensor NEW in box

    Engine & Performance
    I have an ambient temp sensor brand new. part number is 65816905133 If your dash is showing -40, you probably need one of these. Should be located under the front passenger side wheel well $20 shipped.
  8. Coolant issue

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2002 330ci with as of today 58,000 miles on it. For the past couple of months the coolant light has been on and off very often. I usually check it but if I am driving it will occasionally go off on its own. More recently, I have checked the coolant level more routinely and noticed...
  9. BMW Outside Ambient Temp Sensor E46 65 81 6 905 133

    Engine & Performance
    If your ambient temp sensor ripped off, then this is the piece you need to replace it. It is just the sensor and not the extra plug/connector itself. Works just like OEM. PN : 65 81 6 905 133 -- Fits E46 E92 E90 E39 E60 E87 and more Brand NEW in box $20 shipped. Price is more then 60% less...
  10. What temp

    General E46 Forum
    Ok, only a few of you are gonna get this but you know when you make the OBC display the coolant temp, what does yours normally stay at? Mine is about 96C when idling and about 90-93C when driving normally, also is there a way to change it from Celsius to Fahrenheit? Thanks The pic being taken...