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  1. Auto trans issue after M54 conversion

    General E46 Forum
    I'm just finishing up my 04 coupe project and I'm having a transmission/TCM issue hopefully someone can help me out with. The car is an 04 sulev M56 car. I bought it with a bad engine (no compression on #5). It ran rough but was able to drive on the trailer and around the driveway. No...
  2. 2001 BMW 325xi automatic transmission in gear won't go

    E46 Xi Forum
    Driving along and without warning drive seems to have quit. No matter what gear no go. On Jack stands all wheels and drive lines rotate freely. No noise, no disconnect. Could this be an electrical issue? Fuse (F102=TCM)? I seen this topic before but never resolved. Thx. One note, for about a...
  3. Fuse 4 blown in DME fuse box

    General E46 Forum
    Okay . i need your help people. i was out driving now and i came to a stop light. i was in manual mode 1st gear with Traction Control off completely. when the light went green i accelerated to make a left turn and my gearbox went into limp mode. i made it home and tried to read the codes of...
  4. FS 2005 BMW 325i Partout Multiple ECMs TCMs

    Parting Out
    325i ECMs (2) 525i ECM TCMs Complete partout. Still have almost everything with the car, some parts have just been pulled already. Sold: Driver side speakers Headlights Motor Trans Grilles PM or text 205-531-6616
  5. E46 330, TCM, EGS, Limp mode, trans fail - transmission problem (resolved)

    General E46 Forum
    Here is a quick post on an issue i have had recently, and its conclusion. My car randomely went into "limp mode" and the red cog of death appeared, could not change gear and seemed like it was stuck in 3rd/4th. Also the ABS, brake, traction control light were all illuminated. It was working...
  6. EGS Control Unit/Tranmission Problem - Misdiagnosed?

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2003 BMW 325Ci. I have gone through 3 transmissions on the vehicle (the original, plus 2 reconditioned transmissions). The same problem continues to occur where I'm sitting in the car (at a stoplight, waiting for someone, etc.) with it in drive and my foot on the brake. There is a...