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  1. Dynavin D99+ install: has anybody worked on this config before?

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi everyone, I want to start off by saying that I did quite a thorough search here on the forums (+ and to find the answers to my questions, but no luck. Either the install was for a non-nav E46, or one without BT pre-installed, or the OEM nav was...
  2. Interior Led Resistor Mounting Question

    Lighting Forum
    Hi, I did changed my interior bulbs to led's and they look great...but they needed resistors and at the moment it's hanging by the passenger footwell. Any good places to put it? It seems to get extremely hot so I don't want to stick it inside of the footwell light. I was thinking about screwing...
  3. **Retrofitting: CD Player to Tape Player in 2000 328i**

    Mobile Electronics Forum
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