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tail lights
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  1. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    Hi everyone, I have a 99 328i i’m looking to get tail lamps for, trying to get rid of all the ugly amber lights on the car. Anyone have some for sale or know a good set i can pick up? Tried some ebay aftermarket ones but didn’t like the fit.
  2. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    For sale is a complete set of red / amber / red tail lights for e46 sedan. Included are both inner/outer lights, all bulb sockets, and all bulbs. This is a genuine BMW set. Condition is a 9/10 with only a couple slight defects as seen in pictures. Asking $30 + shipping OBO.
  3. Lighting
    Hi, My BMW 330i sedan (2000, pfl) has got the facelifted tail lights (I bought it like that), but the running lights are not the same as on this picture: I want the red part of the trunk-side to be running lights, just like they did on the picture. I live in Europe, so right now the left...
  4. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    E46 330i Includes OEM Tail Lights and matching trunk mounted tail lights. Turn signal Lights from the front and side markers as well. I'm out of south houston area if your interested in local pickup. Look at my profile uploads to see how they looked when they were on my car. All seen in...
  5. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    Got an extra set of these bad boys, used to plug OEM LED tails into 1999-2002 models. Left and right sides included. ECS sent me an extra set, and now I just need to make the trip to the post office and shipping worth not throwing away :thumbsup: Asking $20 shipped.
  6. E46 General
    Last week I coded some options in the LCM like rear fog lights, god mode, activate the alarm and the 6 lights to come on when activating the follow me home. Since then 2 strange things happen: 1 - Whenever I lock the car it goes to sleep mode instantly (the led on the "P" turns off...
  7. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    Hi, what I have up for sale are a nice pair of clear eagle eye led tail lights. They are in great condition with no major scratches on the housing. All LEDs work. $100 shipped. Crappy photo makes it seem like the left tail light is different. I assure you that it isn't.
  8. Lighting
    Does anyone know why 1999 328i trunk tailights dont have bulbs?
  9. Lighting
    Friends, I am getting a dashboard indicator that my left rear tail light is out, but when I check, the light is working. The fault seems to come and go, but I first started noticing it once it got really cold out (below zero F). Could this be the sensor failing? Would the temperature be a...
  10. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    I have some OEM tail lights from my 2003 325i that are just taking up space in my garage. Good condition, no noticeable scratches, comes with all hardware needed to install. $50 + shipping from 92562
  11. Lighting
    Ok, so I am having problems with my tail lights. I have had eagle eye led tails since I bought the car but one side went out. I bought new deppos to replace. When I went to install them they would not light up. I back probed the harness to find the lcm is only giving off 3.5 ish volts to the...
  12. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    I have a set of OEM clear tail lights for convertible, they only fit convertible not coupe. They are the ones on the quarter panel asking $180 shipped OBO for the pair. They are in pretty good condition maybe some light scuffs on the lens and the drivers side has that yellowing on the edge i...
  13. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    As the title states, these are OEM. They are in great condition. Comes with bulbs, outer/inner pieces, invisibulbs for the turn signals. Asking $350 shipped
  14. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    I've got a complete set of OEM E46 Tail Lights. They came off of a 2001 325i sedan. Everything works fine, I installed LED tails then sold the car. I have no need for these lights. I'm asking $150 (that includes shipping). Historically for all the parts I've sold lately the shipping has been...
  15. Lighting
    Hey i intend on installing new LED tailights on my e46 saloon. i wanted to if the new Led tailights will fit and function properly as the lights are different on them. attached is the picture of the OEM tail light and the new led version i wish to install. thanks in advance
  16. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    Selling clear LED Eagle Eyes tail lights. OEM style for pre 03.5 coupes which didn't come with LED tails $175 shipped
  17. Lighting
    Hey guys, have a question about installing my new taillights. I took a chance and bought a pair of DEPOs off eBay, from a guy who reportedly have the same make and model as my 2003 330i Sedan and now that I am trying to install them I note that his lights have a flat six pin connector, whereas...
  18. E46 General
    I'm looking for some new tails, currently I have my oem style ones (red/clear/red) painted all red and the reverse light outlined red as well. It looks pretty good. But I'm looking to pick up some new tails, possible LEDs but not necessarily mandatory, that are just the clear/red type that are...
  19. E46 General
    Right now I have the LED tail lights like the ones in the picture on a 2003 325i sedan. Its clean since its LEDs and looks nice. however, i get error lights not because of the LEDs but because I didnt put any bulbs or lights in the inner lights (in the trunk section) since it just looks weird...
  20. Lighting
    whats up all, SO i was driving home one night and a buddy of mine was tailing me and let me know that a few of the LEDs on the tail light lost their light/went out. this just urks me to know there are a few LEDS that makes the car look off. any one know how to fix this issue or what my options...
1-20 of 86 Results