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tail light conversion

  1. Taillight swapped to red-white-red pre-facelift

    Lighting Forum
    Whats good fanatics Changed my amber-red taillights to the euro red-white-red looks so much cleaner :woot::thumbsup::woot: i dont have the neatest garage as you can tell :$ you know what it is ET it took to install about 10 minutes or so..
  2. LED Tailight conversion (PLEASE HELP!!)

    Lighting Forum
    Hey, i know im a junior member, and i kno this has probably been posted before, i can garantee it has... either way, i own an 02 with the stock tailights, and i am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with the :luv: '03.5+ LED Tailights, does anyone know the DIY, or where can i buy them, can they be retrofitted...