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  1. Australia
  2. Australia
    Hey All, I have been going through these forums for a while now trying to find all and any info i could to help me with my purchase. Since I have now purchased my First E46 i should introduce myself. I have bought a 05' 325CI Sport Manual 144K kms, a nice upgrade from the 94' 318i. Car itself...
  3. Australia
    Hi Guys, I bought a 2003 325i recently and I feel loss of power and torque below 3,000 RPM. After read some threads I decide to change the VANOS O-Ring Seal.(buy the Beisan seal) I would like to DIY , but unfortunately the install procedures looks complicate for me , I only can DIY change the...
  4. Wheels and Tires
    Ahoy, I'm after a set of VMR v710 in 19's or 18's, width of 8.5 and offset of 45. Preferably in Gunmetal or Matte Black. Throw me a PM if you have them for sale (with or without tyres) or are considering selling soon. I'm in Sydney so able to do pick ups from your place if you are in NSW...