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sway bars

  1. E46 M3 Hotchkis Sway Bar Kit with End Links

    Suspension and Braking
    Sold sold
  2. FS: F+R non-M e46 UUC adjustable sway bars (Swaybarbarians)

    Suspension and Braking
    Bought under 2 years ago, used for 20k kms, comes with polyurethane bushings in excellent condition. No damage. Endlinks in photo are of questionable condition so just reuse your current ones. $280CAD Located in Vancouver, BC. Prefer not to ship but we'll see.
  3. Bavarian Autosport sway bars?

    General E46 Forum
    Are Bav Auto sway bars any good? I'm looking for a cheap handling upgrade about a $300 budget and they looked promising. I heard strut bars don't do anything and I also don't want to get new springs that would compromise ride comfort, so I saw sway bars as the best options. My car is completely...
  4. E46 330 '01 330i Coilovers, Sway Bars, Underdrive Aluminum Pulleys

    Parting Out
    I recently got rear ended and my car was deemed a total lost. So I've parted my car and decided to sell some of my parts. These are the things I have for sale: Bilstein PSS9 Coilover kit. - $1800 This fits E46 323s, 325s, 328s, and 330. I had it on my car for only 3000 miles. <a...
  5. BMW 330ci REAR struts/front sway bar and control arm!!

    General E46 Forum
    Hello everybody, I need to change my front sway bar with bushings, front control arm with bushings and rear struts. my car has m6 rims and m3 body kit. I need to buy those parts that i mentioned and i am having trouble finding the right brands. I wants something with quality but a bit cheaper...
  6. FS Front and Rear OEM Sway Bars

    Suspension and Braking
    OEM Front and Rear Sway Bars Came off my 2002 325 with sport suspension. Total of 70K miles on these and they are in great shape. Upgraded to UUC Sways.. So these are ready to go.. (With bushings) First offer over $100 (plus shipping and Paypal fees) Shipping is from NY and they are...
  7. Sway bar question

    General E46 Forum
    I'm interested in purchasing sway bars for my car, but I have just one question. Is it better to get both front and rear sway bars as a package, or order just a front or just a rear one? Also any suggestions on good bars? Thanks so much.
  8. FS: Complete ZHP Suspension - Low Mileage

    Suspension and Braking
    Hi Guys, I'm new here so excuse me if I stumble over any rules here while I learn my way around. I post frequently over at the board so if there are any trust issues, pop over and see my posts there under the name "cybersamurai" Anyway... I'm selling the springs and swaybars...
  9. H&R or Hotchkis sways

    Suspension & Braking
    I am about to do a complete overhaul on my cars suspension. I have already replaced my FCAs and FCABs with meyle. I am about to be installing OEM upper front shock mounts, RE RSMs, OEM M3 RTABs with RE shims, new OEM front swaybar endlinks. the only parts i have not fully decided on are...
  10. TMS a few Q's

    General E46 Forum
    Anyone have the Turner Motorsport E46 Sway Bar Set? How are they? I was looking into getting these or the H&R Sways, the only difference between the two is TMS costs like $130 less(which means $$ for swaybar end links)...but i dont want to sacrifice quality for being cheap. My only reasoning is...
  11. FS: ZHP Sways/M3 Rear Trailing Arms

    Suspension and Braking
    I bought ZHP sways but didn't end up needing them because they are the same size as my Sports sways...If you would like them it would be about 110 shipped, exactly what I paid for them I also have 2 m3 rear trailing arms, with about 50k on them. let them go for $100 shipped. Let me know if...
  12. WTT for ZHP or M3 Sways

    Suspension and Braking
    I have an Mtech2 bumper that I am currently selling for $400.00 OBO here is the thread in the exterior sections. I am looking to sell outright or trade for ZHP sways, m3 sways, any sways! + cash. I would also consider strut bars, tower bars or any combination of both + cash depending on what is...