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  1. E46 Convertible
    I've googled quite a bit and found LOTs of info on coupes and sedans about OEM sway bar upgrades...but not a lot on verts!! My 02 325CIC has stock 23mm front and 18mm rear sways. Junkyard scored a 330I 23.5mm front sway bar and a 330CIC 20mm rear sway bar... Would this combo work better than...
  2. Spec E46 racing class
    Hello all, might be a long shot but does anyone have a front sway bar reinforcement plate they haven't installed yet? If so, I'd greatly appreciate some measured dimensions, primarily hole locations and overall plate sizing. I was looking at the MSW plates since they also have drain holes, but...
  3. Suspension, Steering, Braking
    Sorry, I missed a day lol Been busy. I'm procrastinating right now, so about to post some. To keep you guys in the loop… Ok, it's back to some OE CSL stuff again. This will be the last of the OE CSL stuff. The rest will be just M3 parts. First up, are a set of OE CSL sway bars. This is for...
  4. Suspension, Steering, Braking
    1 1/8" diameter hollow sway bar (medium) by Ground Control, complete with all hardware, clamps & bushings (but end links not included). Includes rubber bushings (not shown in photo). Sway bar has been cleaned, primed & painted. Cost new is $400 (with end links). Will sell for $175 plus shipping...
  5. F30 Sponsors
    getBMWparts.com | Dinan Lightweight Tubular F2x F3x Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar Set for xDrive Models!!! Part number: D120-0595 Fitment for: F22 228i, F22 M235i, F30 320i, F30 328i, F30 335i, F32 428i, F32 435i, F33 428i, F33 435i, F36 428i, and F36 435i Install Time: 6.1 - 7.4 hrs depending on...
  6. Suspension, Brakes
    Hey guys I've searched around and found most of the answers to my questions. I've got a 328ci I'm tired of dumping money into (had huge s65 build plans for it but priorities have changed) and I know in the next few years I want an m3. I know the strut mounts will be different, but mostly what...
  7. Suspension, Brakes
    So I mention my question in this video at 7:13. Is it true that stiffening up the front bar can increase front end grip because it decreases suspension travel in a corner, and prevents the shock from dipping too much? Apparently if the front is too loose, and the shock compresses too much in...
  8. Suspension, Steering, Braking
    As the title says, I have both the front and the rear sway bars from my E46 M3. I'd like to get $75 each, but am open to offers.... Local preferred, but will ship at your expense.
  9. Suspension, Steering, Braking
    I need a turner motorsports or similarly thick upgraded front sway bar for an E46 M3 Do not offer me anything with the same thickness as the stock sway bar. I need it immediately in SoCal -- LA or OC. Thanks Chris
  10. Suspension, Brakes
    Ive done some research and one or two people say that non xi after market rear sway bars fit xi cars. can anyone confirm this? The specific brand I am looking at is sway barbarian. Its only the rear I need. My car is a 2004 330xi.
  11. Suspension, Steering, Braking
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  12. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
    For Sales is a used OEM front sway bar from my 2005 M3 competition package (52,XXX miles). The front sway bar is 26mm and fit on any e46 car from what I understand. The OEM front sway bar comes with original bushings and brackets. From the photos you can tell the bushings have hardly been used...
  13. Suspension, Steering, Braking
    I have a factory sway bar; P/N 31356757168 (off of ZSP package 330i size: 23.5mm) up for sale. i have upgraded to aftermarket and need this one gone. Local pickup preferred, but I'm willing to ship at buyer's expense. Great condition; asking price: $75. Pics up soon...
  14. E46 General
    I recently decided to do a front end over haul...control arms/bushing and sway bar links, but i realized that the old link i had doesnt match up with the new ones from turner......which ones should i buy?
  15. Suspension, Steering, Braking
    Overview The Turner Motorsport sway bar / swaybars for the E46 M3 were designed to provide better overall balance and performance than the stock anti-roll bars. With these bars you can greatly reduce bodyroll and decrease the understeering effects of a staggered wheel setup. They are adjustable...
  16. Suspension, Steering, Braking
    Hotchkis Sport Sway Bar Set for 01-05 BMW M3 E46 Front & RearAsking $300.00 Enhance the cornering performance of your M3 with a set of H-Sport sport sway bars. Hotchkis M3 sport sway bar package increases front/rear roll stiffness giving the car crisp, quick turn-in response and balanced...
  17. Driveline
    $90 Shipped for OEM Section 2 $40 Shipped for OEM E46 M3 Rear Sway Bar pm me with any questions.
  18. E46 General
    Has anyone seen the hotchkis sport sway bar installed on an xi? I see ONE thread talking about it but no results. If the rear end of the xi and i are the same, would a rear sway bar fit both models, regardless if it's "made" for the xi or not? Please advise
  19. E46 General
    Hi, I am looking at upgrading my suspension and was debating on whether or not to get a front H&R sway bar, or to get a strut bar such as a dinan one. Which one will yield better performance gains? Also if I decided to go with the sway bar I would I need to get the front and rear, or just the...
  20. E46 General
    Have a 2001 BMW 330Ci. Looking at a used Dinan Strut bar off of a 2001 BMW 330i sedan. Will this fit my car, or will I have to make modifications?
1-20 of 20 Results