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  1. E46 General
    Hi everyone, I have recently bought a manual swap from an e36 m3 sedan. I have everything needed (at least i think) for a full manual swap. My question is about the clutch pedal wiring from the e36. I was watching 50sKid video on the manual swap before my purchase. He had 2 different diagrams...
  2. E46 General
    Ok first time poster, long time, and extensive reader. I have searched throughly, with no avail in order to find the answer to my question. Basically I pulled my B30 from my 2001 330ci automatic ZF transmission. And rebuilt the motor I pulled a Getrag 250 5 speed manual from a 2004 325i...
  3. E46 General
    Hi, I'm swapping my e46 to manual, what other things apart from the transmission, pedal and driveshaft should I buy? including accessories that can help the comfort of running it daily like dmf or smf and things like that. also my e46 has 19in rims, should i buy 18in or stay in 19in? Based on...
  4. Engine Swaps
    I got a good deal on a low mileage 3l engine from a wrecked z3 of the same year and I want to make sure that all the mounts are the exact same. Both cars are automatic and I know I’ll have to switch over oil pan and get a 330xi tune
  5. Tools for sale or rent
    You'll see them featured the DIY videos. Deposit is 70 via Paypal. Return them in 30 days and we refund 35.00 of your deposit. The kit includes the BMW drift for 1-5 & Reverse on the ZF manual transmission. You want to refresh the detents while the transmission is out on any swap project...
    $35 USD
  6. Driveline, Performance, Tuning
    Looking at tossing 500hp into a 2003 325i e46 and cannot figure out what diff can handle that. I would assume the M3 but I'm questioning even if that could handle it, would the 330 zhp? any insight would be appreciated. trying to be friendly on the budget but looks like that's not gonna happen.
  7. E46 General
    So I have the 4 spoke wheel and I want to swap it out with the three spoke one, is this just a plug and play type deal or am I going to need to do any adaptations?
  8. Engine Swaps
    Hey guys, so I’m in LA and 2-3 months now I search for a decent e46 330 coupe 2D with not crazy mileage. Apparently it’s difficult to find so I was thinking is it worthy to go 325 or 328 and swap on a 330 motor or something else? I want to make a drift car.
  9. Driveline, Performance, Tuning
    I'm getting a touring 320i automatic and I have found a 318i manual transmission with flywheel, clutch, pedals, transmission mounts, and driveshaft for sale. Will it fit on my 320? I don't mind if the ratios aren't identical, I just want to know if it will bolt in and drive the car. Thanks, Liam
  10. Engine Swaps
    Recently acquired a 2004 325i, owner I bought it from said a previous owner had engine swapped it with another inline 6 e46 but didn’t know from what car. Where could I find the engine code that’s stamped on the block. Searched Google but had contradictory results.
  11. Suspension, Brakes
    Hello, I apologize if this thread is found elsewhere. I spent a bit of time searching not only this site. If I have blatantly missed the thread, please simply link it below. Thank you. This is not a question regarding body panels/cosmetics. I am specifically concerned with the E46 M3 suspension...
  12. E46 General
    Hi again! After swapping an M54 into my N42 2003 Touring with a blown engine, i've just managed to get it driving for the first time. At first, the power steering worked, but after ~5 minutes it suddenly seemed like it was completely gone. After shutting the car down and starting it again a...
  13. Engine Swaps
    Hello everybody, I have a 320i 2.2L E46 Sedan that I love, it has a neat 170hp in it and it is in great condition. I don't plan to sell it though my engine has a bunch of miles and I would love to get a refresh with more power. What engine would be the most price efficient that would make a...
  14. E46 General
    I know there’s plenty of info of this already but say I wanted to swap my non sport powered seat with a sport powered seat from a another e46 on the spot is it simply plug and play? Or are the rails and such different along with the wiring? I might offer someone who is selling a junker e46 to...
  15. Europe
    Hi all, After my 2003 318i manual (presumably) blew the head gasket, i decided i had enough of that motor and began to swap an M54 in. Everything went relatively smoothly so far, i got the wiring loom with the new engine and everything plugged in nicely, until i noticed two connectors in the DME...
  16. E46 General
    Hey guys, can you tell me what parts are needed to swap an auto gearbox and clutch out for a manual on a 2000 plate. It’s not my daily driver so a welded diff won’t be an issue as I’ll be transporting it to drift days on a trailer, Iv already upgraded, suspension and have tons of repairs done...
  17. Engine Swaps
    I have a m54b30 swapped e30, I put a little over 1500 miles on the swap. Engine had about 45k miles on it when I bought it, I love the swap but I get this odd acceleration..let me explain.. When driving on initial start up the engine feels good, it has power and shifts are great evening is...
  18. E46 General
    I need to get a clutch for my car and was wonder if they are all the same. my car was a 320i but i swapped the engine for a 330i into it and used the 320 clutch and was thinking i should get a 330 clutch to match the engine but will it fit in the gearbox from the 320i thanks for any answers guys
  19. Driveline, Performance, Tuning
    Long story short moving towards a manual swap and am not 100% certain that the 250G will hold up to the torque of the 328i (M52tub28). Stock motor no bolt on... yet. Anyone know if that will hold up, factory the manual 328's came with the ZF S5D 320Z. Anyone have any input?
  20. Europe
    My e46 by VIN was an auto model, I have a kickdown pedal and EGS error codes, but no CEL. Do I really need to flash from current 7795649( Part number 7793443) to a manual firmware RealOEM shows 2 manual options for my 2004/07 car - 13617801004 13617801006 I am afraid to brick my ECU...
1-20 of 111 Results