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  1. Question Before Upgrading My Suspension....

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    I have 2004 325cic vert with non-sport suspension from the factory. I have BMW wheels style 189, 18 x 8, ET 34 front, and 18 x 8.5, ET 37 rear. Time now for new shocks/stuts/springs. Can you suggest a suspension that will provide minimal lowering (enough to close the gap) and a quality ride...
  2. Proper Koni Special Active Damper set for ZHP suspension and springs

    General E46 Forum
    Hey everybody! So I'm looking online to get a set of Bilstein B6' or Koni Special Active dampers, both claim to be matched to the factory sport suspension springs, and I'm looking to retain everyday comfort and drivability but with better damping characteristics. The only issue is, Turner...
  3. FS: Megan Racing Lowering Springs NEW (Boston)

    Suspension and Braking
    Have a set of Megan racing lowering springs. New, never used/installed. Open box. local pickup preferred will consider meeting a forum member halfway if located in New England. Box is pretty big so shipping might be a bit much but will ship anywhere in US if buyer pays. $100
  4. Suspension Idea's for my 2004 Convertible

    Suspension & Braking
    Time for new shocks/struts and springs on my 2004 325 convertible. It's a standard model/Non-sport. I have 18' staggered BMW style 189 wheels. I really would like a new set-up that lowers the car just a little to close up the wheel gap. Was thinking of the H & R cup kit. Any other suggestions...
  5. fitment issue and tire wear

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Hello, i have an 04 325i, my father generously gave it to me after owning it for a few years from someone who had his fitment setup. Previous owner did a lot of work to it, and since i got it, my father and i have also done a ton of work on it. It came with Beyern Mesh wheels. The tire wear was...
  6. E46 non-M, M3 rear end swap and compatibility with coilovers

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I have an e46 touring project and I need some info. I wanna push 600 hp out of an m52 and I know the rear ends fail, so I was gonna do an m3 full rear end swap as well as reinforcement plates. Does anyone know if the rear end swap will affect my compatibility with my coil-overs or will I...
  7. [SOLD] Bilstien PSS10 for e46 M3

    Suspension and Braking
    [SOLD] Selling my Bilstein PSS10 coiler kit just removed from my e46 m3. Excellent condition and only about 12k miles on it. Street driven only. I decided to switch back to stock height on my m3 so I'm parting ways with this set up, even though it was such an amazing suspension system to have...
  8. Rear passenger side breaks loose easily under accelleration.

    General E46 Forum
    I drive a 2001 330Ci on Bc racing Br coilovers. I got into an accident 6 months ago that bent the front driver's side control arm, broke the tie rod and cracked the read passenger side upper control arm. I've replaced all the parts that appeared to be broken but even still the rear passenger...
  9. I've been driving like this

    General E46 Forum
    Good Morning hope everyone is healthy. So my car has been very clunky and I've been lazy but I have time now and look what I found. Pictures are sideways but you'll know when you see it. Clunkyness is usually around 40- 55 mph then its not as bad. These are my tie rods
  10. Any BMW FS: Hyperco Springs

    Suspension and Braking
    These came off my AST 4100s. SOLD Pair of 60mm x 6" x 550 #/in Pair of 60mm x 5.5" 650 #/in
  11. Assembly is the reverse of disassembly!?! - Front Struts

    E46 Xi Forum
    2004 325xiT. No problems getting the struts out, disassembled, etc. But for the life of me I cannot get the new replacement struts down into front hub/carrier. The old strut fits like a dream. The new ones (Bilstein) catch at about 3/4" down. Only physical difference in the two I can...
  12. Bad Vibration Right Front whenever going over 70mph

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2001 330xi and lately I've noticed that when ever I get over 70 mph I'm getting a really bad vibration on the front right of the vehicle. I had it up on the rack a couple of days ago and took some pictures and somebody told me they thought the "CV Axle boot is ripped on the front inner"...
  13. Any E46 BRAND NEW GC Street Camber Plates (PSS) - $350 Shipped OBO

    Suspension and Braking
    Brand new set of Ground Control Street Camber Plates for a Bilstein PSS coilover setup on an E46 Non-M. Here is a link to the Ground Control website showing the rest of the details, Asking $350 shipped OBO. Ended up going a different route...
  14. Standard to Sport Suspension Conversion

    General E46 Forum
    Hey yall, Back at it again with more projects for the ol 323. This time, as Im sure you've already guessed, Im working on refreshing my suspension bits. The shocks/struts are old, the springs are original and the strut towers need to be flattened (more on that to come). I am working on...
  15. E46 M3 E46 M3 Garage Sale - Many Goodies up For Grabs; KW, m220, AA Exhaust, HardTop, CSL

    Parting Out
    Hey All, The time has come to part with a good amount of high quality parts that have been sitting in Storage. Initially I had them on the M3 for roughly 3-4000 miles and then last year decided on potentially selling the car. Well here we are a year later and the car is still in the garage and...
  16. FS: E90 Eibach Pro Kit Lowering/Sport Spring Kit -- Brand New

    E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    Hello all, I wanted to do a suspension refresh on my E46 last year, so I found some good eBay deals and gathered up all the necessary parts. I never really got around to installing them until today, ~7 mos, later (oops), and before I started the process, I found that my springs were not...
  17. E60 Non/M-Sport suspension and 520d/530d vs ride comfort

    General BMW Model Discussion
    I am considering getting an E60 diesel for my longer commute, as these are economical and really cheap these days with lots of various trims and specs offered. One of the key factors for me is the ride comfort. Common sense dictates that M-Sport suspension would be harsher than Non-M-Sport, and...
  18. Suspension Refresh

    Suspension & Braking
    Hey Guys, I am wanting to Freshen up the Suspension on my 03 330i and before I started throwing Money at it I wanted to get some opinions on what I can do but also not cost me a Crap ton of Money.
  19. My 330ci pulls to one side

    General E46 Forum
    For the last 2 years, my 330ci pulls to the right when I let go of the steering wheel. I have a feeling it's the front shocks but what are some other things besides the wheel that could cause such an issue? Alignment was done, new tires put on, and driver side control arm and bushing replaced...
  20. Delete, please

    Suspension & Braking
    Delete Please. Thank you.