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  1. Which is Better VF Engineering or Active Autowerke

    Forced Induction Forum
    picking up one of these soon and id like to know your experiences with either of them
  2. Selling $293 Active Autowerke of credit for $175. [Rescinded]

    Engine & Performance
    Sooooo.... This is going to sound awkward. Back in 2008 when I still owned a E46 M3, I had some work done at active autowerke, I ended up paying for the work upfront but for whatever reason the cost was a but less and left a balance of $293. Instead of having the money applied back to my card I...
  3. WTB: ROTEX super for E36 AA kit

    Engine & Performance
    HI, I'm looking for an HKS rotex C38 blower. its for an old e36 AA tuning kit, I blew mine rebuilt it myself and the shaft snapped when i put it back together.:banghead: just my luck i guess. So if want to buy a used blower or if anyone knows where i can buy a complete rebuild kit.( shaft...