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sunglass tray

  1. Navigation in sunglasses bin/ashtray?

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I looking around the other night and i came across what was claimed to be an OEM part that goes in place of the sunglass bin, and the ashtray. It was just a flat peice, and they had cut it to where their 7" navigation would fit behind it seemlessly. I have looked and looked and looked, google...
  2. Sunglass Tray for 330cic

    I'm selling the black sunglass tray that came out of my 2004 330 cic. It's the felt lined kind that flips down. It came out of my 2004 330 cic. There are scratches on the upper right and upper left- you'll see them in the photo. $20 OBO plus shipping.