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  1. 2002 320i mods and troublshooting

    The Showroom
    I'm nearly 16 and have an auto 2002 320i in silver and I want to do it up to have by the time im 17. It has a rough idle, I'm thinking it is from a vacuum leak. The ICV has been checked and cleaned and seems to be all good, and spark plugs have looked good enough. While idling it sounds like it...
  2. [OPINION] Best sounding exhaust modifications?

    General E46 Forum
    Hello everyone! I've been searching around different forums and across the internet for some inspiration or some ideas for a possible future exhaust modification on my 330ci. I like the stock exhaust for the car but I was thinking about doing something different. I'm not a big fan of exhaust...
  3. Mod suggestions for my first car

    General E46 Forum
    So i got my 2001 325ci almost a month ago, have been adding little aesthetic mods to it such as angel eyes, led corners and sides and repainting scratched up bumpers, etc. In two weeks once I get it perfectly cleaned up I'll be looking to mod it for performance gains. Any suggestions as to what...
  4. Wheel Suggestions E46 Coupe

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Hi Fanatics! First post here! Anyway straight to the point. I bought my car off my brother. He is ari87 on here. Have AC SCHNITZER Type III Racing alloys on her. Because of my novice level of driving now I want to buy some new shoes that are relatively cheap. So I can get the feel of driving...
  5. Coilovers

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, Kinda new to the beamer game, looking to add some coilovers to my 05 BMW 325 XI. Any suggestions on a good brand or anything I should know about the install Looking for something under $1000. Thanks.
  6. I want to lower... but for cheap! Any Suggestions?

    Suspension & Braking
    Hi, I have a 2000 323i and want to lower my car. I was thinking about using a coilover system and i want to keep it around $700ish. I saw some CXracing coilovers and the JOM blueline coilovers. To be honest im just trying to stance my car as low as I can, i dont truly care about racing...
  7. DRL/Highbeam replacement suggestions...

    Lighting Forum
    Hello everyone! I'm new here and also, a new owner of a 2002 325i! Basically car of my dreams come true! Anyways... Just wanted to see what others might say about upgrading the DRL/High beam light bulb itself. I know that on my car, during the day, my light closest to the grill is on, and is...
  8. Have some extra money for my car. Suggestions?

    General E46 Forum
    And before everyone goes crazy, all maintenance is up to date. All of it! So now that thats out of the way, i'm looking to spend some money on my car. I have what you can see in the picture including mtech2 rear, OEM LED Tails, and lip spoiler. Any suggestions on what I should get? Give any...
  9. BMW Suggestion Box

    General E46 Forum
    As a small business owner, I know that I personally would love to hear suggestions from my best customers on how to make my product or business better. Does anyone know if BMW has any sort of "suggestion box" (for lack of a better term) established? Anyway to give them ideas for product...