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subwoofer sound trunk

  1. E46 Convertible SUBWOOFER MDF Trunk ENCLOSURE BOX 12" 10" 8"

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Hello everyone! I'm very proud to offer my latest invention. By popular request and my own pursuit of bass sound perfection while retaining car trunk space usability, I present to you a removable MDF trunk subwoofer enclosure box that works with the bracket initially discussed in this thread...
  2. E46 Convertible E46 convertible subwoofer MDF bracket 12" 10" 8" Haman Kardon upgrade

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    To quench my need for bass and after being disappointed by the "premimum" Harman Kardon audio system in my car, I designed and made a custom and precision CNC cut 3/4" thick MDF bracket to install up to a 12" subwoofer into the location of the OEM subwoofer of BMW E46 convertible models 320 325...
  3. 1999 323i HK sub upgrade unique wiring

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I have been looking to get more umph out of my HK system. I recently acquired a 12in kenwood sub and 450 watt amp to beff things up. When examining the instal I found that the wiring of the HK system is a bit different then later e46 models. By looking at other posts I think that the best method...
  4. How to Install a subwoofer at my HK (Harman Kardon) system - 330i 2001

    General E46 Forum
    Dear all, After reading as much as I could, I didn't feel confident yet to upgrade my system. My ride is a 2001 330i Sedan. My HU is "Business CD", Blaupunkt (made in Portugal in dec/2000), with no navigation, no CD changer. Currently I have HK (Harman Kardon), 10 speakers (counting the...
  5. i can't listen to my subwoofers

    General E46 Forum
    i have 2 12' Xploid with 500w each on my trunk. i do can hear them but not as loud as they sound in other cars because the trunk is seal and separate from the interior of the car. Is there something i could do to let the bass enter the car easily? the only hole i found is in the middle...