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  1. BMW 5 Series F10 install Wheel Stud Conversion Kit

    General BMW Model Discussion
    Do you know what is Stud conversion? For one thing, it is easier to replace the wheel hub. German car owners, especially those who have disassembled and assembled wheels by themselves, will have a deep understanding: when installing wheels, there will be an embarrassing situation that it is...
  2. F.S. E46 Stud conversions set with lugs from Mackin Ind. (volk)

    Wheels and Tires
    SOLD SOLD SOLD $45.00 + $5.00 USPS shipping (if needed) Selling a set of extended BMW e46 M3 Racing extended Wheel Stud and Lug nut kit. They were on my car for about 1000 miles and I sold the car without them. SR 48-P1.5 From Mackin Industries / Wheel Mate (Volk). Can meet in newport after...
  3. Motorsport Hardware Stud Conversion Kits !

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    Motorsport Hardware Stud Conversion Kits ! We are stocked up and ready to do a group buy product info found here This group buy is for BMW 75mm and 90mm Bullet nose stud kits complete with open...
  4. DIY: Wheel Stud Kit

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    This is my first DIY so lets see how it goes I would like to thank for the torque specifications card for my E46 at 4ngiefest last year, Zoeb at the, and ABM aka Chris UK for other reasons. :).First you need your Stud Kit. I got mine from Your new...