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struts. springs
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  1. General E46 Forum
    Hi all, Just a note regarding potential trouble when your strut compressors (as rented from napa and oreilley) do not compress enough to get the spring back on the strut (and the nut). I rented two sets of compressors, from the above auto parts stores. One side of my car compressed fine for...
  2. General E46 Forum
    Are Bav Auto sway bars any good? I'm looking for a cheap handling upgrade about a $300 budget and they looked promising. I heard strut bars don't do anything and I also don't want to get new springs that would compromise ride comfort, so I saw sway bars as the best options. My car is completely...
  3. General E46 Forum
    Hi, I have a '02 325i and I'm about to replace the struts. However, I'm having trouble determining which struts I should buy. Based on what I've read on other threads I believe I have the sports package, and, therefore, the sports suspension; my car has the three-spoke steering wheel, sport...
  4. Suspension and Braking
    interested in any front suspension assembly right and leftor even just struts in good condition hit me up with whatever you may have.
  5. Suspension & Braking
    Hello guys, my 01 325i, My front shocks were replaced by shop and rear was replaced by me. in the rear I changed 2 struts and one broken spring and 2 strut mounts. Parts: 2 struts ( cheapest from auto zone, dont know the brand ) 2 strut mounts ( cheapest again) left spring in rear ( from bmw...
1-5 of 5 Results