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  1. Nikon strobes for sale

    NY / NJ / CT
    I have gotten rid of pretty much everything except these few items. Always handled with care and looked after like a small child. $350 Sb-800 recently refurbished by Nikon in Melville and only used one time since. Includes extra battery holder for faster recycle time. No soft case. $225 Sb-600...
  2. 02 330XI - Xenon Headlight's Flashing Like Strobes / CPU Reflashed

    Lighting Forum
    I have 2002 330 XI. The car was a non-xenon model. I purchased some OEM bi-xenon head lights. I installed the head lights and everything worked fine. No lights on the dash showing head lights out and no flickering. Then the next day I am driving and the xenon lights get triggered because it...