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straight pipes

  1. General E46 Forum
    heres a video of what my car is doing and it started doing this right as i gave it a little gas to go thru a light. somebody please help this is my daily.:eek::(:tsk::evil: https://youtu.be/3MRxNzKp6ZE
  2. Engine & Performance
    Looking to buy a used but good condition performance exhaust for the e46 330ci. Dinan, Eisenmann, Gruppe M, or similar. No Magnaflow.
  3. Engine & Performance
    Im selling a muffler delete setup with 3"Tips slashed which are removable. looking for 100$ plus shipping obo here is how it sounds http://www.wltsautosports.com/WLTS_Auto_Sports/Autos/Pages/WLTSAUTOSPORTS.html#75