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  1. :: ECS Tuning :: Two Piece Rotors for your 335!

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    Do you want genuine BMW Two Piece Rotors for your 335! These rotors feature a two piece design and an aluminum hat, taken from the Z4 35is, these rotors are an upgrade for 335 models, offering a rust-free aluminum hat and a weight savings of 3lbs each! Don't sacrifice braking - replace...
  2. Should i go to a BMW dealer and get my problems checked out??

    General E46 Forum
    I bought a 03 325i about two months ago. I think my computer reads wrong or there is something wrong with my fuel pump/filter because when my computer read 36mi till empty i parked it in my driveway but i didnt start again till i put gas in it. Now whenever im in traffic moving 10mph or less my...
  3. Pba card thank yoU

    NY / NJ / CT
    how u ever been stop for any reason and let go cause u have a pba card? Please let me know how ur pba card help you? For me i got my self out of running a stop sign..
  4. cryo-stop rotors?????

    Suspension & Braking
    whats up guys... i did a lil searching for this but couldn't find any one saying anything about cryo-stop rotors... i found them on ( about halfway...