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  1. E46 General
    Hi guys. So yesterday i went to my local tuning place and asked to take some dyno pulls. The car is completely stock, and has 130k miles on the clock and almost 20 years (dic 99') After a first failed round, the second one gave me this graph at the wheels: 147 HP and 152 ft.lbs. What do...
  2. E46 Introductions
    Hey everyone, after a few years of casually looking for a manual 3 series coupe, I found a pretty well taken care of example. Dealer serviced for most of its life but at nearly 180k mi., It is definitely in need of some work, front control arms, tires, alignment, stock struts, shocks and...
  3. F34.png

    01 330Ci coupe 5sp. manual ZSP Sport Pkg
  4. E46 Showroom
    I just became an active member of this great community and had decided to join the bandwagon on sharing a picture of my E46. I love it, keep up the good work guys! :thumbsup:
  5. E46 Showroom
    an ebay find! tossed in a lowball bid, didn't expect it to hold up - but it did, and this nicely maintained 3.0 liter AWD E46 is ooooooofficially MINE! yes, it has a slushbox. that said, i am incredibly impressed with its responsiveness, shifts are smooth and the sport mode is eager, keeps the...
  6. Suspension, Steering, Braking
    Edit: I only have front sport springs now taken out of the car if anybody needs them. Original post: My e46 325Ci coupe has sport springs installed, I am looking to increase ride height so need to switch to stock (non-sport) front and rear springs. I would either buy or trade with someone who...
  7. Wheels and Tires
    I have 5 spoke 17' e46 wheels that I would like to trade with cash for some 19' m3 looking wheels AND TIRES. I hope I can help someone while they help me.
  8. Tires, Wheels
    So I searched for this on the forums too, but everyone seems split.. I want to get tires that I can get rotated. I am going to buy 18 x 8.5 (40 offset) rims. What would be the best looking tires for a set up in which I can get the tires rotated? I also don't want any tire rubbing on a stock...
  9. Wheels and Tires
    I've got: performance BMW parts (E46/E39/Z4) You've got: Steelies/Stocks (5X120 or others with adapters) LET'S TRADE! Here's my ad http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=1060144
  10. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    In Jacksonville Florida, will pay to have them shipped here or I will come pick them up. Just looking for the 2 rear deck speakers because the shitty stock ones are blown.
  11. E46 M3
    hello, I have aftermarket headers with a Magnaflow full exhaust. I liked it at first but I would like my car to be a bit more quiet now... Since I still have my stock exhaust (just the last section) I was thinking of only replacing the magnaflow exhaust by the stock exhaust hoping it will quiet...
  12. Driveline
    Hey guys just looking for a stock ZHP exhaust. I'm located in Sacramento, CA meeting around nor cal would be best but willing to ship if price is right. So let me know either pm or post here.
  13. Wheels and Tires
    Hi All, I have a set of 19" Wheels and tires that came off my 04 M3. They are clean and in good condition, but the tires only have around 2k tread left on them. They come with BMW hub caps and all black lugs. I'm looking to get $500 for the set. idk how to insert an image, so you can check...
  14. E46 General
    Hi all – I am a new here, need some advice. I have always been a coupe guy but just could not pass up this convertible because of the condition (yep, that odometer reads 14,200 miles!). First step for me is I need some better tunes. Is the DICE the only game for ipod interface, and is it...
  15. E46 Showroom
    Finally got to take my new e46 on a proper photoshoot today, thought I'd show a few of the better shots! (Sadly I don't get to do car photography jobs very often, but I love 'em) (I love the way this one came out) Ticked at myself for cutting off that light :facepalm: Even...
  16. Driveway

    First pictures of my new [to me] '01 325i
  17. Steering Wheel

    First pictures of my new [to me] '01 325i
  18. Front

    First pictures of my new [to me] '01 325i
  19. E46 Showroom
    Yesterday I finally got the car I've been hoping to find for at least four years now: an e46 that's in good shape and a good value. I'm only the second owner, and while it has more miles than i was hoping it would (157,000), it drives like a dream! I haven't had a chance to clean it up and take...
1-20 of 66 Results