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  1. 50% OFF('ish)!: BMW Performance, EMP, Rogue Engineering, Peake, shift knobs, etc!!!

    Parting Out
    Hey guys, I've got a lot of stuff for sale; just sold the E46. Some new and some used, ALL AT STUPID LOW PRICES. Here we go: 1. Rogue Engineering RACEBRACE: *SOLD* 2. *NEW* EMP / Stewart High Performance Water Pump + Aluminum BMW Water Pump Pulley: *SOLD* 3. *NEW* Turner E46 Finned Diff...
  2. DIY: Stewart Water Pump + Expansion Tank + Coolant Change + 2 Tensioner Pullies

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Here's my complete DIY.. EMP Stewart Components + Expansion Tank + Coolant Change + Tensioners After 2 years, I decided to do a complete coolant change. So I took the opportunity to replace my expansion tank as well since it was leaking a bit from the top part. Coincidentally, my water pump...