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  1. WTB: e46 M3 Steering Wheel (Manual)

    Title says it all, delete if not allowed, still fairly new to posting. I don’t need the trim or the airbag retainer, already have both I just need the steering wheel itself. I also have a new wrap for it, so peeling wrap isn’t a problem. I’m really only looking to spend 100$ given I just need a...
  2. 00 323i clock spring

    General E46 Forum
    Today I installed an after market steering wheel in my BMW. When taking off the factory wheel, I accidentally unwinded the clock string cables. I tried my best to rewind them but that doesn’t really work. Can I just cut it out? Will It throw codes or mess anything else up? I’m guessing they are...
  3. (SOLD) FS: OE Steering Wheel Upper Cover Delete *Socal*

    For those still not keeping up… Next. I have is this OE Steering wheel upper cover delete. Deletes all the buttons on the steering wheel basically. It'll go really well with the CF radio delete panel. Brand new, never installed, only opened to take pictures. SOLD
  4. E36 MF Steering Wheel in E46 Assist Needed

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hello everyone, I haven't posted much here, so let me begin by thanking all contributors for making this an educational forum. I hope to be of help to others once I learn enough to do so. I bought an E36-E39 M-Sport Multifunction steering wheel from a local scrap yard to install in my E46. It...
  5. E46 M3 SOLD - ZCP Steering Wheel Trim For Sale - Used

    Items have sold. Selling the upper and lower trim pieces for a ZCP (Competition Package) M3. Listed on EBay Auction ends Thursday 2/13/20 at about 12:24pm. 100% functional, including the...
  6. E46 Multifunctional steering wheel help?

    General E46 Forum
    Ive tried scouring several forums but i havent found the exact answer im looking for so here goes. Since august 2019 I am the proud owner of a Pre-facelift E46 325i (2001/06). I managed to retrofit a bluetooth module myself and then turned to replacing my button-less 4 spoke plastic steering...
  7. Steering Wheel

    General BMW Model Discussion
    Hey Guys! :hi: A short question. Can i fit an E60 Steering Wheel in my FL E46? It looks pretty cool, and my steering wheel is already old. Thanks for your help, Martin :thumbsup:
  8. What size is the bolt holding down ground wire in msport steering wheel?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, I couldn't find this info on realoem. I got an msport steering wheel to put on instead of my square one (the one w dual stage airbag and without the horizontal lines on the airbag). Upon opening the new msport up the bolt that connects the ground to the metal is missing and the wire...
  9. Any E46 Blank M/Sport Upper Steering Wheel Trim

    For sale is an upper steering wheel trim piece for the M and sport steering wheels found in many early 2000s BMW models, including E46s and E39s. This is a very rare piece that replaces the multifunction trim piece, perfect for track cars or just simplifying your interior. This piece is in like...
  10. BMW E46 E39 M3 Steering Wheel

    Selling my M3 Steering wheel. It has beautiful Genuine leather and decided to take it off my E46 M3 before I sold it. Has a little scuff to the right of the M3 symbol but is not very noticeable. Text if interested: 863 52nine 888four $250 OBO
  11. Strange noise emitting when steering wheel is standstill

    General E46 Forum
    I am trying to identify the source of this noise when my steering is standstill, that is, when I am NOT turning the wheel. When I turn the steering wheel, ever so slightly, the noise is completely gone. Does anyone have any ideas what might be the cause of that? I am attaching a link to a video...
  12. Tyre Pressure Sensor Light & Steering Wheel Controls

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, I was driving on a highway last night and my tyre pressure sensor light came on. I just had new tyres put on the front last weekend, so I thought it might have something to do with that. But then I noticed the steering wheel controls for the radio, phone, and cruise control had turned...
  13. SMG Steering Wheel Retrofit - My Story - Links & Photos

    Hi all. This is the story of how, as a massive car-tech noob, I got my SMG steering wheel and I retrofit it to my car. So I bought my first E46 almost 5 months ago now and I'm still in love. The one main thing I wanted to change was the steering wheel. I had seen on the forum that people had...
  14. Any BMW Used M3 Steering Wheel (SOLD)

    Good condition for a rewrap, screw holes in great shape. Pictures on CL link. SOLD
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  18. Sticking Brake Calipers & Bent Rim / In Neutral, do Driveshaft vibrations diminish?

    General E46 Forum
    Sticking Brake Calipers & Bent Rim / In Neutral, do Driveshaft vibrations diminish? Greetings, Trying to distinguish between front end issues vs possible driveshaft issues after reinstalling DS with new guibo & CSB. (It could be multiple problems of course, and yes car was vibrating before I...
  19. OEM E46 M3 Steering Wheel

    Used E46 M3 Steering wheel with air bags and controls. Asking 175$ shipped.
  20. OEM E46 M3 Steering Wheel

    Selling my non-SMG E46 M3 steering wheel with controls and airbag. It is used but in good shape with lil scuffs. Asking 200$ obo. _sl__nr_