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steering wheel cover

  1. Any E46 Genuine AC Schnitzer Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Trim

    I've been a collector of AC Schnitzer Parts and it's time to sell some of my spare parts! Up for Sale a Discontinued part and VERY rare piece to find, 100% Genuine Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Insert with Buttonless Upper Cover. Trim is in fairly good conditions, with some signs of oxidation...
  2. Leather Steering wheel recover

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I was browsing on youtube and I bumped into an interesting news, I was about to do my steering wheel leather replacement, mine is torn But whoever wants to do recovery, welcome Here is the link with a detailed instructions! Good luck...
  3. leather cover make your own M3 wheel

    General E46 Forum found this on looks like an easy cheap way to make your own M3 steering wheel. or repair your crappy looking one. maybe with some practice it can be done nicely