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  1. FS: Facelift for e46 sedan w/stealth bulbs

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    For sale: One set of facelift lights for e46 sedan. Set is in great shape with one small chip on peft rear lense but does not affect light. Set includes: two (2) front clear corner lenses, two (2) clear side markers and four (4) rear lenses (rear and trunk). Also included are four (4) stealth...
  2. Hey guys, possible Mods?

    General E46 Forum
    I am new to the forum, it was recommended to me by a mate with an M3. I have a 2000 e46 328Ci and I am loving it. I have owned this car for about 6 months now and have already racked up the k's :). When I bought it, the tint was done half 20% and half chrome (Chrome on top) all round and has the...
  3. Where to place aux-in/USB

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I recently discovered that my headunit is compatible with all the aux interfaces. I am about to install the aux-in and a DIY USB charger. I am looking for pros and cons of the different placement options, such as euro tray, cell phone mount, arm rest, glovebox, etc. Any sort of after action...
  4. HELP GUYS!! Im trying to win a contest on Facebook!!!

    NY / NJ / CT
    ITS NOT SPAM!!! I need your help! Go on this link and like the image. Ask your friends to do the same!!! PLEASE!!!! like this page first then like the pic ITS NOT...
  5. Where to get chrome or "stealth" turn signal bulbs for 03 330i?

    General E46 Forum
    so my turn signal was broken a week ago, and i decided to order a set of clears instead of oem orange, but now i cant find a chrome bulb at a reasonable price for the life of me!!! lowest price ive found is $30 on ebay!! what a rip! so i come to you, asking, DO YOU KNOW WHERE TO GET A CHROME...
  6. FS: JL Stealthbox

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I have a pair of JL Stealthboxes for sale. Stealthboxes are 8" subwoofers in custom enclosures made just for the E46 that replace the rear deck speakers and hang for the ceiling of the trunk. These were in an E46 coupe and will also fit in a sedan. The enclosures are in great condition, however...