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  1. Belt noise but no crank! E46 Won't start

    General E46 Forum My car stopped working while running it pretty hard on an empty highway. I was going pretty fast, took a tight turn and there was a dip. Because of the dip, I braked hard enough to not go spinning out, but not enough to lose my momentum. That's when...
  2. Car won't start, odd dash light, battery seems ok

    General E46 Forum
    hey gang, a weird thing happened with my '03 wagon this weekend, and now I'm stranded. Yesterday, the tailgate and rear light indicator on the dash went on but I had no problems otherwise. It did go off at one point, but then came on again. I was running errands and stopped and started with no...
  3. 02 325i sputters and die first crank; Always starts on second start.

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys My e46 is currently experiencing this problem just recently whereas upon cold starting the car - car been sitting for a while - it always initially turns over to about 600rpm instead of the usual 1000rpm before promptly dying. Upon second turn over it always starts and idles perfectly...
  4. Cold start sound 325i no power issues

    General E46 Forum
    Today it finally hit below freezing in Maryland. My 2002 325i is in a garage so it's not as cold. When I started her up today, it started just as fast as regular but with a sound I can only deacribe as a fan blowing at full blast. Its was very sudden as she drove fine with no sounds yesterday...
  5. 325ci strange crank/no start

    General E46 Forum
    Okay! I drive a 2004 325ci with just over 160k on it. Great car, I love it. Yesterday, I drive the car to the auto store and it starts and drives fine, as usual. After being inside for a couple minutes, I come back out and my car will NOT start. It cranks forever, the battery is tested and good...
  6. Very cold. Doesn't crank on first try, but I hear something spin. 2nd try it starts.

    General E46 Forum
    The first time I turn the key, I can here something spinning and then slowly stop when I let the key out. Then when I try the second time it works and starts up. Could something be frozen? It was 8 degrees here this morning and it happened. Happened every very cold morning so far.
  7. Wouldn't Start... Now it does... Puzzled

    General E46 Forum
    Had a problem tonight that has me stumped. Before I go and start replacing everything that I can get my hands on, I figured I would ask you guys first. 2004 325CI M54 5-speed Drove to see fireworks, car ran great. Parked it after searching for a long time, no problem. Went to watch fireworks...
  8. Wont stay running!

    General E46 Forum
    Hi everyone, just created an account and this is my first thread. Really hoping to get some solid help. I am not new to the forum as I visit it almost everyday looking for helpful threads. Unfortunately I haven't found one to help me today. Car info: 2001 330ci coupe. Auto So I drive the car...
  9. Intermittent Issue - Crank but no start

    General E46 Forum
    OK so this has been an intermittent issue on my car for a good while (over a year) but only happens rarely. I recently had the fuel pump replaced ( and thought this issue may have been linked to that, so was surprised that after...
  10. Cold Start Rough Idle M54

    General E46 Forum
    Heya fellas, was wondering if I could get a look at a weird problem that recently reared its head. Here is a video of what happens Weird idle: As you can see (and hear if you listen closely) the idle starts out about right for a cold start, and comes down nicely at...
  11. Battery fine, but no start E46 2003 318i

    General E46 Forum
    Car has been sitting 4 days, So what. Mild weather in Melbourne - we are in summer, but no scorching days. I recall looking at how to get to the original radio called 'Business'.All I did was remove two plastic panels and seeing if radio (two screws) could be got at easy. I pulled up the...
  12. Block heater for 330i?

    General E46 Forum
    Anyone using a block heater? Who are you using? Switching from a TDI to gas might be different but I'd like to think it can't hurt? My car has about 250k KM on it so I figure its time to start babying it. Remote start instead? Conflicted :woot:
  13. Bad Starter? Anyone know a mechanic in Houston?

    E46 Xi Forum
    Sorry for double post - Flag for deletion
  14. 328i convertible. great when cold. stalls when warm

    General BMW E36 Forum
    Currently having a problem where when cold starts great but once warm stalls. usually waits till I'm stopped before stalling. wont start again until cold. she runs smooth when running with no problem. no juddering, great idle. I've recently installed new fuel pump but not solved. the only...
  15. No start

    General E46 Forum
    Hi this is my first BMW so I'm new to this. I have a no start on my 99 328i. Wasn't getting spark. I moved the orange wire that grounds onto the valve cover and it started. Then it shut off again a little bit later and won't start back up. Any ideas?
  16. Push button help

    DIY: Do It Yourself
  17. E46 Cold Start - Engine Not Starting - Initial Start Failed & Second Start No Crank!

    General E46 Forum
    E46 Cold Start - Engine Not Starting - Initial Start Failed & Second Start No Crank! Hello All, The week has been bitter cold with record temperature reaching at -40C. The car was sitting in the driveway since Monday afternoon and upon starting on Thursday morning got initial crank which...
  18. 320i wont start - Barely starts after multiple attempts

    General E46 Forum
    Hi there I have an 03 320i that doesn't start or barely starts. This is what happens: In the morning the car does not start at all for the first few cranks. On the third or forth attempt the car will start to sputter and act like its about to start and then it will be "running" but barely. It...
  19. Cold start problem YouTube video in message

    General E46 Forum
    I should get the oil change and coolant filled but can't until I get my car insured, first car just got it two weeks ago. Any advice on this problem and my car would be much appreciated! BMW 328i 1999 160,000 more info in video description
  20. Racing Switches (DIY)

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    *Apologies if threads exist for this but I had trouble finding any* Disclaimer: I am NO electrical Engineer. Just a fellow DIY'er who has learned with trial and error and S*** ton of reading. So I am in the middle of installing a few SPST switches into my 323i. I would love to make you a guys a...