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ssr gt3

  1. Wheels and Tires
    Hello, I've got a set of 18" SSR GT3 wheels for sale. They have a bit of curb rash but otherwise are straight. Asking $2000 OBO. This asking price should help offset my shipping costs... I am local to Atlanta if that helps! Can also provide some better photos upon request. Yes, I am aware the...
  2. Suspension and Braking
    Hey everyone, I'm selling a few items and wanted to post them up. PM me if you see something you want. Plenty of pics available. - set of BC Racing BR series coilovers for e46 m3. Bad ass and I love the looks and handling, but I do 30k miles a year now and there's too much construction on the...
  3. ///M3 Forum
    Pics in post #14 After letting my Brembo BBk's and H&R coilovers sit in the floor for almost a year I've taken some "me" time to install them. I've rounded up a new set of SSR GT-3s to replace my old ones. After doing some test fitting I've found that I need a minimum of 5mm spacers in the rear...
  4. Ack GT3's Daytime

    Ack GT3's Daytime