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  1. Engine, Driveline, Tuning
    Hi everyone, i’m reaching out because i was wondering if there’s a way to adjust my SSK. i had it installed professionally at a shop when i had my transmission swapped out. i love it but the shifter leans heavy to the right now. my first gear is where 3rd would be. i almost have no room for 5th...
  2. Driveline
    Ok, so I forgot a bunch of parts to list until a buyer asked for parts lol To keep you guys in the loop… Up first is a custom Auto Solutions SSK. This was specifically made to be used with the ZHP knob. The throw is reduced by 30%. Asking $475 shipped.
  3. Driveline
  4. Driveline
    I have a used kit for sale. I don't remember how short the throw ratio is for the kit. This 6-speed kit comes with the shift arm (or carrier) and the shift lever. I'm including the delrin bushings that came with the shift arm. Also included the washers and pivot bushing (white plastic cup) that...
  5. DIY: Do It Yourself
    So after hearing great reviews of using the e60 shifter as a budget ssk, I did that while I installed a shifter refresh kit. Everything buttoned up nice and seemed to work well. I have an 2001 330Ci with 230K so the original was pretty loose. Naturally it all felt better after the refresh and...
  6. Driveline
    Up for sale UUC EVO3 with DSSR (production date before 01/04) SOLD!!!
  7. Driveline
    Selling a brand New never installed UUC evo 3 shifter kit complete with all that is included when purchased new. Purchased for E36 M3, but according to UUC, will also fit 01-03 330i 5 speed and 2000 328i. $315 shipped to CONUS, PM for best response. Thanks
  8. E46 General
    I've got a 2005 M3 and was considering buying a B&M short shifter for it as it was a vast improvement on my previous 2002 330i 5-speed. According to the B&M website there are two that fit my '05 M3, the 45126 and the 45123 and I was wondering which is the better fit if anyone has had either...
  9. Driveline
    I'm selling the shifting rod from the kit that i bought here "http://www.getbmwparts.com/partlocator/index.cfm?action=MorePartInfo&PartID=790253&siteid=214672&catalogid=4462" Tried it on my 330i, didn't like it and ended up putting in the Z3M shifter. I kept the clip and the bushing that came...
  10. Driveline
    Hi guys new to the M3 club. Love the car but hate the stock shifter feel! Let me know what you have. I am in Atlanta but it doesnt have to be a local sale. I prefer the Auto Solutions but am open to anything at this point. It is for an 05 M3 6 speed vert. Thanks Livan. BTW if possilbe...
  11. E46 M3
    I will be having a Rogue Engineering short shift kit installed in a 2006 M3. This will be my first M3. The car will be driven 100% street. I am looking to improve the smoothness of the shifting function, not necessarily trying to shift as quickly as possible. What are the specific...
  12. Driveline
    Selling a brand new UUC EVOIII SSK + DSSR for 5-speed E46 328i/330i. It also fits the E36 328i/M3. I was going to do a 5-speed swap in my car but I decided to go with a 6-speed instead. The kit goes for $484 from UUC and Turner so I am looking to get $400 including shipping for the kit.
  13. Driveline
    Hello Everybody, I'm selling a brand new SSK, made by Radenergie, for the E46 M3. As far as I know, these have been discontinued. When they were being sold, they retailed for $300. I'm asking for $200 OBO plus shipping and Paypal fees. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Dru
  14. Driveline
    $275- Brand NEW
  15. Driveline
    $250- Brand New
  16. Driveline
    Selling an Active Autowerke Short Shift Kit for the e46 (1999 - 2006 E46 323i, 325i, 328i, 330i, M3) http://www.activeautowerke.com/viewp...x?id=Product43 It’s brand new – in the box, never been used. *Includes Active signature shift knob. $195 Prefer local buyers. Available for pick up in...
1-17 of 18 Results