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  1. '04 330Ci SMG (SSG) to 6MT Swap Questions

    General E46 Forum
    Hello all, I'm researching and doing my homework with the intention of attempting to do the 6MT swap myself (from what I've read/seen, and the projects I've completed myself on this and my other car, I believe I should be able to handle this). As such, I'm far from done and my plan is to have...
  2. Delete, please

    Suspension & Braking
    Delete Please. Thank you.
  3. K+DCAN USB Cable modification needed?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all fanatics, I bought a cable like this one: and installed INPA on my windows 10 I can just fine read all my data on engine and gearbox and see the value with INPA and the cable. I do only have one problem with the software and my...
  4. 330ci SMG/SSG Clutch slip/high revs

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all :hi: I have had some problems with my BMW 330ci Convertible SMG/SSG gearbox and clutch. It started when i bought this car and 1-2 weeks later it had some clutch slip / high revs when shiftning gears. It could take arround 2-3.000 revs extra when shiftning and without pushing the effect...
  5. A little dumb question sorry. Very important

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    Hey guys i really need ''update'' or maybe ''download override'' a z3 ssg/smg TCM (Partnumber 33107564160) to my 330i ssg(SMG) module(TCM) because i have swapped my differential and gearbox was dumb with the new ratio. :bawling: Btw i need to know if there is a program (maybe winkfp) that can...
  6. Need reprogram my 330I SMG(SSG) TCM after diff ratio change

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    Hello my e46 friends. I am in a big trouble after changing my DIFF ratio in a 2003 330i motorsport SMG(ssg) . Its a big trouble because i live in Brazil and no one can help me here. Even if i pay... So im getting informed and see just one Thread on the internet and it was here in this amazing...
  7. 330ci SMG won't shift in all gears

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all I am a owner of a BMW 330Ci SMG/SSG Convertible, year 2003 After i got some problem with my previous gearbox i decided to change the transmission/gearbox I bought a transmission that has 75.000 miles on it with pre-installed Shift Actuator, gear postion sensors and a brand new clutch...
  8. Slight clutch slip on 330ci SMG, only when not in sport mode

    General E46 Forum
    Before i start, please, i have read all the horror stories and i would love to not be abused for buying an ssg/smg or whatever anyone wants to call it. OK, so i just bought this car yesterday. (my 4th e46.. addicted!) 2002 330ci m sport, 84k, full service history, great runner, super clean...
  9. 330i SSG Technique Tuning Stage 1+ Redux

    Forced Induction Forum
    Some time has passed, tax refunds have been cashed, and a plan is forming for the future. The ProEFI has not been sold yet, but while it will be nice to get some cash back from that, I'm moving on. The unit's CAN integration was not up to the level that it needs to be if you have anything other...
  10. Buying Advice 2004 330ci help needed :)

    General E46 Forum
    Hello All, A little bit of a Into: im a long time lurker previous, 325ci owner and have done tons of DIYs from the section. Unfortunately in May i got into a front end crash and the insurance company decided to pay out instead of repairing. Looking back I should have repaired it but: in the...