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  1. Airbag light stays on and no "no seatbelt" warning

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, My airbag light stays on while driving, do you guys have any possible answers? and my seatbelt warning doesn't notify me when i'm not wearing seatbelt. (i wanna be annoyed whenever i'm risking my life ya know) PASOFT (SRS) currently has the following codes: Fault currently not...
  2. What has happened to my airbag wiring?

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, Back again - I have used INPA to scan my SRS module, and I'm greeted with an error code 2. I have installed a new seatbelt tensioner (my previous one wouldn't always lock in the seatbelt) and the error still persists. Hopefully I can explain this properly: This is my old seatbelt...
  3. SRS - Power supply, undervoltage error

    General E46 Forum
    My '05 330i is getting the following error in PA Soft: UNIT BMWTNR HW SW-FSW ERRORS / SHADOW-MEMORY SRS -> 6.962.530 10 33 no errors / 1 error SRS -> Shadow-memory: 50/20 - Power supply, undervoltage I've tried clearing the error but it keeps...
  4. Couple of ISSUES

    General E46 Forum
    Hi guys, I have a 2003 320I and recently the SRS light came on. MY sister took it to the store and the next time I turned the car on it was there. I asked her if she had hit a pothole or a bump but nothing.There are multiple times when it blinks once or twice upon ignition, but it remains lit...
  5. Another SRS problem, not passenger occupancy!

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, hoping you can help. My pre facelift 330ci (July '01) has been sitting for about a year while I slowly rebuilt the engine. Finally got it in and running and its ready for inspection so I can get it on the road again but the airbag light is on. When I scan it the code changes from 01 -...
  6. Decode SRS Crash Data

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2002 e46 that has been in a crash. I am trying to decode the crash data buffer but can find no decode information. Does anyone know how this is done? Thanks
  7. SRS Light - Battery Safety Terminal 1, Resistance Too Low

    General E46 Forum
    Recently I upgraded my whole sound system and added two amps (one powering the stock speakers and one powering a subwoofer). Upon wiring everything, I went out and bought a new battery, after installing the battery, along with the two amps, everything went good until I went to start my car...
  8. B800 airbag tool - I don't think it works

    General E46 Forum
    While adjusting the tilt steering and seat memories, my airbag light came on. I received that el cheapo b800 srs scan tool, but I don't think it's working correctly. When I select FA mode, it scans then only shows 01. I hit enter and only get 01 each time. It does not clear the airbag light...
  9. 05 330i parts

    I'm looking for some parts for my 05 330i so if anybody can help that would be much appreciated. I need wheel airbag w/4 spoke design, passenger airbag, srs battery cable, bumper and passenger fender. Thanks!
  10. Airbag occupancy sensor mat module

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    My airbag lamp was lighting up and giving me srs code 20, Seat Occupancy Detection Circuit - Passenger Side. I removed the passenger seat only to find that the mat was giving the same resistance values, both when unoccupied (several megaohms) and when seated (~50k), as the replacement mat I had...
  11. Seatbelt Lock code, but no circuit found

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    The airbag lamp on my 1998 328i recently turned and when I checked the fault codes it was showing code 20 and 24, Seat Occupancy Detection Circuit Passenger Side and Seatbelt Lock Driver Side. However, when removing the driver seat I find the belt pre-tentioner cable and the seat heater cable...
  12. Airbag Reset Tool-borrow one in my area?

    General E46 Forum
    This thread is for posting if you have a BMW-specific Airbag Scanner and Reset Tool to lend (or sell). Post which year and model cars it is designed for, and where you live. OK to charge around $5-$10/day 'rent' to help pay for the very rarely-used tool, which will help lender's cost recovery...
  13. 2004, 2005 SRS reset?

    General E46 Forum
    Hello all, Ok, I know there are a ton of post on this issue, but none of them are clear for a late model e46. How and what tool is required to reset a 2004 or 2005 e46 SRS airbag warning light? Everything I see, like the Peake reset tool, mentions the early e46 models, but not the later...
  14. Peake Research - R5/SRS-16

    BC, AB, Saskatchewan, Manitoba
    I recently purchased a Peake Research - R5/SRS-16 Airbag (SRS) Scan/Reset Tool. I live in the Calgary Area and you can come by and borrow it if you need to clear your SRS warning light. Cheers
  15. Do's and Dont's for E46 Maintenance

    General E46 Forum
    My fellow E46ers, here are some tried and true guidelines to help keep your quality of life in tact when serving your passion. Enjoy.:thumbsup: ******************************************** Never open, service or drain the radiator or cooling system when the engine is hot; serious burns can...
  16. *OFFICIAL* BMW Diagnostic Scanner PA Soft 1.4 Thread

    General E46 Forum
    I just received my BMW Scanner 1.4 (PA Soft) and love it! It installed easily and the scanner had no issues connecting and reading codes. I was also able to code the car to automatically roll the windows up by pressing and holding the lock button. Everything else was set the way I wanted, though...
  17. Help - What do these SRS codes mean?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys and gals, Need some help with troubleshooting air bag codes. Got the dreaded air bag light on my wife's 02 325i, just in time for a state safety inspection, of course . Pulled the codes with a BavAuto reader and reset. The light comes back on after about 3 seconds. The codes at first...
  18. SRS Bumper

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    Who sells SRS bumper?
  19. Need SRS software.... but which one???

    General E46 Forum
    OK, first off, I DID use the search function! :lmao: My airbag light just came on and I find myself needing a tool that will reset the SRS light, AND help me find what the problem is. (I suspect the passenger mat, but we'll see.) Peake SRS tool apperently wont work for my 2004. I was even...
  20. Battery cable problem

    General E46 Forum
    While replacing the battery on my 2001 CiC, the black wire with yellow connector came loose from the positive cable harness and I cannot get it reseated. I understand this cable is part of an explosive disconnect system integrated with air bag deployment; and here my "knowledge" ends. Can I...