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  1. Wheels and Tires
    As the title states, looking to buy AC Schnitzer wheels, looking for any type but preferably Type 3's Non-Racing... Looking for 18's or 17's, has to be a square set. PM me or post in the comments, thanks! :thumbsup:
  2. Wheels and Tires
    SOLD Selling a set of 4 stock rear 18" x 9 wheels 5x120 ET26. Three wheels have good Hoosier R1 275/35/18 tires, the fourth tire needs to be replaced. Just pick up a race take-off from Berger racing and you will be good to go. One wheel has a bend on the inner barrel that should be fixable...
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  4. Tire & Wheel Forum
    Hi guys, I was wondering if I could fit a square set of 20x10 x5 wheels on my 323ci? I like the x5 wheels alot and I found a great deal on them, thanks for any and all help guys
  5. Tire & Wheel Forum
    Sorry Spend the last 45 minutes looking though threads to try and answer a simple question... flame me now for my laziness. Also wasn't sure whether this was better off being posted here or in the wheel and tire thread, if there is a stock wheel spec for the OEM 135 style M wheels (next on my...
  6. Tire & Wheel Forum
    STR 601's 18x9.5 all around et35, Stretched 215/35/18's Lowered all the way on coil overs. On the coil overs, my stock wheels (style 54) are rubbing the spring ever so slightly. EDIT: Up front Only They're 16x7 et47 with 205/55/16. Will the new wheels rub the strut? If so, what size spacers...
  7. Wheels and Tires
    ***REDUCED TO $400 PICKED UP!! OR $450 with all 4 TPMSes/Valve Stems! WILL NOT SHIP -- A STEAL FOR A SET OF M3 WHEELS THAT FIT ANY E46!!*** All, I recently sold my 330xi and picked up a 135i - I kept the wheels in the hopes someone here might be interested. These are Style 67s OEM (Not...
  8. Tire & Wheel Forum
    First, I searched and didn't find any threads discussing this although I'm sure it has been discussed many times over. I have an AW '04 330i with sport package and running the stock staggered wheel setup and am looking to change things up. I definitely want to run a square setup so I can...
  9. Tire & Wheel Forum
    From doing some research I am pretty sure the 17x8.5 m68 wheel will fit both the front And rear on a 2002 325xi. Does anyone know if I will need a spacer in the front and what tire size should I do? Some people said they for fine in the front with no spacers and some people said they need 5mm...
  10. Wheels and Tires
    Just picked up a set of Volks in 18" so debating whether or not to keep these. The wheels are BRAND NEW SQUARE 18x10 ET 25. I did a test fit to see how they look and took them off. Anthracite color with ZERO curb rash! I installed some Nitto NT01's in 275/35 all around with around 3-4 heat...
  11. Wheels and Tires
    Sold -
  12. Interior
    Hey e46fanatics, Up for sale is a Square Airbag and Steering wheel taken out of my 2004 330i. It is still in great condition (as seen in the pics), airbag works, all wires attached and included. PM me for more info, questions, pics, offers Asking for $250 shipped. Thanks!